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2nd Shift

They Tickle.

While the theory of relativity

Deeper & deeper
Into this place
That converts
passions of fire
a millions of tiny

I am,
But it’s
just a little.

Hardly ever
With the simple.

Yet here I am
Tied up
With so many strings attached
I can’t find my way off
of this never ending thimble…

Once I do
And I’m unstuck from the glue

I hide & I seek,

For the magnets
That grab my attention

And often keep,

Me in this realm
I consider
Very bitter
& very sweet,

Because when we meet
It’s very brief
& when you leave
It kinda stings.

I’m not
Too sure

But your touch
In seriousness

I swear when we
lock hands
It’s for at least
a couple seconds,

And I’m not too sure
Who’s not letting go
For the moment though

No worries
Just curiosity
On whether
If it my pulse
That’s trembling.

I’d be lying
If I said
Stealing a kiss
Wasn’t tempting.

It’s a constant fight
The beast
& the gentlemen.

Oh how
The simplest
Of things
Get me double guessing.


shes was the first

to ever awaken his heart,

also the first to ever confuse

and leaving him lieing in the dark,

life is reality

and that realization left him fucked & torn apart,

wanting for a better understanding

and a wish to be able to restart,

but that would be too easy

and this woman is very hard,

(headed) in her emotions in her love

and in her draw of wild cards,

never one to shy away from an offence

while her defense was always on guard,

they seldom butted heads

because they would cease to speak after they sparred,

it’d be like a month to 3 month rotation

until one of them would take the bullet, to reach out to the other,

asking dull & simple questions

in hopes the other would go out even further,

out on a limb but neither wanting to seem weak in curiosity

both would stand their ground  and sneakily butter,

the other with rhymes & riddles

in hopes to appear stronger in the clutter…

confusion with games

often led to long gaps of ignoring,

if not so much that

just because there was no further reason for exploring,

deeper into conversation

since most of it seemed so stale & boring,

maybe because one isn’t wanting to reveal too much

of their adventures and recent whoring,

since boy would always

have his heart resting on his sleeve,

he’s the one who had to worry

about giving away too much information upon opening,

with the wrong words

pushing too much upon the girl, scarring,

her basic understanding

of the spiritual realms that clashed with his reality..

girl was both intrigue & disturbed (in fascinations she found interesting)

with boys revelations & notions,

she could only take spoon fulls

so he would make sure to give her small doses,

but knowing that time was limited

he would get excited & make them extra potent,

sometimes forcing too much

but he couldn’t help it; it felt urgent,

 he was well aware of her extracurriculars

the potions, drinks & choices of ambient,

he had once indulged as well

but felt way more stronger now that he hasn’t,

especially knowing that her sexuality

sometimes over powers his wits with vibrant,

slight touches, moans & whispers (out of sight out of mind) he figured

“i better pop in every once in a while, just to stay relevant”