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Duo tone

With eyes
Full of pride
And a heart
Full of ache,
Ears tired
Of the lies
And a tolerance
Sick of the pain,
That the wise
Think they hide
And the mannequins
Attempt to fake,
In her strength
She will ride
Every super natural
And cosmic wave,
No matter how wide
A yawn is still a sigh
Oh how close we resemble
The path that they’ve paved,
Issues put off to the side
Grow & tower like high tide
Increasing the volume in tremble
That no mere man is able to save,
The thought
Reaches my eyes
And I’m unable
To contain,
The tears
That reprise
My previous
Emotional state.
I want
What I consider mine
And hope that it becomes fait,
That breaks me out
Of what is shy
Rushes me into the needed
And finally takes me away.

we are we are (pretend)

we are

our greatest enemy

we are

our very best friend,

we arent the glue

that keeps us together


we are

the chemical that makes it come un done at the end,

unless we look deep inside us

and then way beyond us

can we finally come to

something that will mend,

this twisted metal

heavy foot on top of the gas foot medal

borderline “oh no he’s okay, but he might be mental”

mask we use to blend away and play pretend


I keep flipping
through dimensions
not yet finding
my correct page,
all are extensions
of what I was
where I’m going
which is way more complex then just a phase,
immune to movement
is but an understatement
the ability to speak out
is just the same,
the thoughts kept in me
is what scares me
my heart is relentless
my soul remains in the same place,
lost in the moment
I get caught
when I try to jump off of the stage,
the spot light
of awareness
keeps me bare ass
in shekels inside the cage,
frozen in time
like photographs
of sweet dreams
that never change,
I record and keep it dear
as it happens
and save it
just in case,
I’m never able
to break free
at least my memories
also wont escape,
routine happens
like a habit
its hard to kick
and so easy to partake,
there’s so many alternatives
the things that “can” happen
usually aren’t what “is”
its scary what jumps the plank,
the future is like a bubble
if we touch it the wrong way
its pops and explodes
forever shifting in change,
im so close
to getting “right”
but she my “love”
keeps getting away


there’s something that you give me

I had a feeling that was missing,

not so much the butterflies of excitement

but more like the wanting/anticipation of kissing,

if your mind can produce such thoughts

I can only imagine what those lips do with feeling,

ive become soul very thirsty

your curiosity and fight for more knowledge, to me is very refreshing,

I am very reticent to approach you

obviously your looks give a man something that can be tempting,

but the information you divulge

gives me something a whole lot more than fleshy thinking,

I can tell and you’ve admitted

that there’s been more then some sort of pain in the past,

you make me want to be jesus with the worlds “lynching”

and take those hits for you in the flash,

all in all its ment to help you grow, even though

its taken you in circles across & away from your path,

however the good lord wouldn’t put you in such terrain

if you weren’t able to walk around in the sand,

you’ve been force-fed scriptures, policies & procedures

since the early hey days of your youth,

however these are the end of days

more than ever that  the light in you, is going to shine truth,

there’s more wolves in Sheppard’s clothing

then there are in sheep, but you can tell by how uncouth,

 they act when wanting to take their time with “things”

see how long it take for them to go “poof”,

your interests and your image

in description is but a fraction,

of all that you are and whats to be from afar

but good lord would I love the woman who has them,

something after my own heart from the start

is what we wish in the real with no faking or acting,

so until two souls come together and become whole

you my love are Missing In Action

To fear love is to fear life, and those who fear life are already three parts dead.

I can’t watch

I don’t wanna see,

I feel like ive been here before

in a  place I don’t wanna be,

the soldiers of my heart

lay restless as they bleed,

the medics of my mind

distract but eventually loose reach,

becoming overwhelmed with them selves

and the flashbacks running around on tired feet,

 my soul is getting thirsty

while my ego just wants to feed,

I want so bad to be loved again

but shell shock of the past reminds me of the reality,

with an old record player playing over and over in the background

with hit songs of the 70’s,

reminding me again &  again

how love hurts and how love stings,

iT has left me scarred beyond imagination

even the walls of my heart were left a banded with only half ass’d graffiti,

will I ever love again

I don’t know, I guess, we’ll see,

am I deserving of iT?

 (now) that remains to be seen,

will I continue to hope?


A toys story

just like a toys story

were not worth the plastic

in which were made,

our eyes and lives will fade

just like the color

in which it took to paint,

what ever we have on

will no longer be

once it washes it away,

on that same merit

if im just a toy of a


would I be a failure

or exactly what

my creator intended to make?