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lighter flame

the people have spoken

but they know not

what they’re talking about,

caring more of

them selves then what

is happening all around,

why would you think

it’s so easy for politicians

to take the frowned upon route,

their fans are but only fans

that only circulate & shoot the

hot air that their leader is blowing out

we stick to our guns

that are influenced by the funds

that can so easily go up from infinite down to none

once lost only leaving us with options that we thought were done

claiming & praying

for a faith

& some saving

future truth

I cant run from the past

all I can do is hit the gas,

and go towards a place

that’s far away/somewhere safe,

if that means outside my comfort

zone I cant wast time & wonder,

what if this doesn’t work what can I

believe if it all sounds like lies..

that’s the past and its rotten at its root

that’s why im going forward searching for truth..

Black&White Wedding

some would say

that they dont believe

in the existance of love

let alone love at first sight,

some will lie through their teeth

self convinced

exhausted from trying to breathe

and trying to swing in the fight..

you cant help

what you can see

and you cant help

what you want,

you cant help

help at all

especially if

all it does is taunt..

every single wish

into a petri dish

that you cant miss

even far off into the abyss,

dry from licking your lips

you take a small sip

of you can have

before cursing with a lisp..

all that has been

denied before

is gone with


today so bright

tommorrow brighter

its the perfect time

for a black&white wedding

the thrill in the pill


came to STEAL,                                                                                                                 (your attention)

the devil

came to KILL,                                                                                                                   (your hope)

the devil

rides AND tricks with a “THATS cool/ CHILL appeal....                                                     (frame-work)

BUT MY SOUL has a fire

that’s ways beyond my WILL,                                                                                             (my strength)

so even if I stumble

that don’t break the DEAL,                                                                                                           (covenant)

that I signed WITH/I rebuke in the name of  YaHWeH

that I connect THROUGH YESUA who is MY THRILL,

MY escape/ my example

my not so jagged not so little  PILL                                                                                 (out of the matrix)

sound of silence

the sound of silence

isn’t silent at all

if you pay attention

nature does call

it cries & screams

but we decide to shut it off

because reality is heavy

& not all can stand tall


bubbles often pop

once the party has fully stopped

just as faith has often dropped

once an idea has unfortunately flopped

just cause the sea makes it rock

you can’t climb a mountain

until you’ve finally reached the top