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Age ol’tale

All I ever wanted
Was to find a love,

But as quickly as it was found
Was how fast it dove,

Into the Pitts
Of “mmm”
“Shouldn’t of”,

The reminder
Of the side
I use
to be on,

Is it better
To have loved & lost
Never to have loved at all?

Not if that
“Lost” wound
Opens wider
With every other
Slip & fall,

Of the happening
You have to
protect your heart,

Or like those used
And abused
It’ll come back
To the start.

Casper the…

As I attempt
To find a difference,
I also search
For something more.

Seeking the traits
Of those, That are gone,
Like an habitual
Anxious chore.

I’m seeing
The same ol’ thing,
Further straining the eyes
That quickly sore…………..

Why do I
Miss you so,
Why do I
Find you in others?

Why do I hate iT
When I find iT
If at worst
We were lovers.

You caught the bug
Well before I
& by the time I
Caught it, it was over.

The memory of you
Is enhanced with strong drink,
Further pushing me off
Of sober………..

My eyes,
They play tricks,
Or you’re everywhere
That I AM.

You get prettier
Each time
Dragging me deeper
Into damn.

What unfinished business
Do I have,
I don’t

Lost is the ghost
That isn’t ready to leave,
The in-between of this
Slow dance /Forbidden land.