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Behind the smoke

I lied
through my teeth

As your lies poured
Out Through your cheeks.

“Caught up”
Was only
A fraction
Of the entire
Dis functional story

Holes in the evidence
And Hoes for the lack
Of a better word
Are chose for you and for me.

Say that we loved
Each other
But did we

I had pains
From missing you
But that could of been
The hunger and need for you

You cried
For me
Clinging on
With furious force
Always Making a scene.

We must of been
Both blowing smoke
Because I couldn’t tell
What was a “front”
And what came out
In honesty
Since it was so frequently,

We hated each other
For being different
In personality

Oh how similar we were
Behind the scenes
Pssh… Monogamy

Price Match

All she needed

was a reason

another hard to swallow thing

down the hatch,

one thinking

one could pull one over

doesn’t know

she lives to price match,

claims to want

to be treated as an equal

yet expects special privileges

that doesn’t match,

fool her once

shame on your

you’ll be lucky if

you get a second chance,

 but if you do

you poor fool


and watch your back,

a broken heart

is a fully loaded gun

that’s sometimes is

more literal and FACT