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Here & Now

If you’re here

It isn’t
By mistake.


Get what you want.
The bullshitting
Doesn’t fertilize
For theories sake.

In the end
You’re right on time
Or rearrange.

some type of other trip

*the lord

has me on

some type

of other trip,

*that i dont

want to let go


get off of it,

*i use to

hesitate my way


negative predicaments,

*taking me whole

head first

right into

conviction fict.

*so strong

i cant breathe
when ever

i get lost in it,

*with tears

down my cheeks

that feel like

the opposite,

*both arms

in the air
like im trying

to swim up out of it

*i cant really see
but somethings

telling me

dont fight with it

*my hearts

falling back
all because

my mind can’t believe
*that hope

is setting over

so my soul is


whole heartedly
*while old friends

and flames
are sitting

and chilling

with the enemies

*faiths gotta

gorilla grip
that aint

letting go of me

*im in love

with only one
while i throw away

a bit of everything
*that use to

get me mad
about now can’t even tarnish me

like it use to be
*temptation uses me

with a right to wrong through my lips
just to leave

with vision distracting & hazy
*if i try to stop

this now
the promised process

will leave me

with regrets like crazy