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Sour Grapes of the lonely

I’d be lying
If I said;
Tonight I’ve
Only had
One sip…

Among the many things,
That pour out
From my
Curved lips…

Can wait
With rich tastes,
As sweet as this…

Now drunk
Eager “love”,
I demand an
Aggressive kiss…

But With no one
I laugh out loud
And just,

Right under your nose

There it was

As pretty as luck

would have it,

I was looking around

the room

And there it was

On top of the mattress,

How can I fasid

The mind of the bastard

Who’s opinion has often

Re mastered,

Beliefs of old

With current event

Trickle effecting daggers,


With a stagger,

That is often confused

For some type of swagger,

But even with

I can still
Hardly handle,

This panic attack

That more often
Times than not
wants to dismantle,

The ego

That gets

Even badder,

With every conquest

And every lasso,


That someone will listen

And pray

To knock down the
My inner towers
Of babel,


This competition

My heart tired
And Even sadder,

With Love



My soul

It battles,

But love
No matter
How mistreated
Bruised And battered,

On its own

With ignorance
For a clone

And other crazy

shooting for a dollar

I shoot for a dollar

as I sit on a dream,

I extend my hand for change

but it appears as if I’m an unseen,

they know not what I’ve been through

I’ve seen plenty of things,

so I give my two cents

as I yell out loud with something obscene,

to passers-by who go out of their way

to not acknowledge me,

further encouraging my hatred for people

and continuous ranting,

If I speak I expect to be heard

but if you don’t want food for thought I can’t force you to eat,

give me a dollar for my sorrows

or cut to the chase and bring me something to drink…

Woe Is He


Your thoughts
are tipsy
Your words
they mumble,
You try
To do
What ever you can
To wash away the trouble,
But the bags
Under your eyes
won’t go away
Or fall under,
The many lies
You blunder out
To make others
Follow or Stumble…
So go ahead
And sulk
And drown
In your drink,
Some thoughts
Are meant to Be
Thousands of leagues under the sea,
Biased words
Exit the mouth
Of a bitter soul
So please,
Watch who it is
You speak to
And refrain
From mentioning me…
A true drunk
Will fall on ass
But never ever
Spill their drink,
They say they speak
On sober thoughts
But get distracted
With eye blinks,
They dance around
Like their happy
But inside
Damaged seeds,
That watered
Constantly on
Their “woe is me”

Forever A Cowboy

Back in my day

I would have went over your head

I have no remorse when dealing with a course

that’s better off dead

I still want to be entertained

so it appears that’s all that this is

with a few drinks in me

I feel light on my toes with a draw that seems pretty quick

so  judge not on what you see now

because I still have cross hairs for those who talk shit

crosshairs that never failed

a cowboy who never quit