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SoulPapo’s Feb’14 Playlist: St. Valentine’s Masacre Mix

st van's killer mix

all that love consists of

SoulPapo’s Feb’14 Playlist: St. Valentines Masacre Mix


This mix is designed to hear in this particular order,

so just because you can see whats playing next,

don’t skip (unless it’s an ad),

be patient,

sit or dance through it,

and it’ll make sense…

I hope you enjoy.

/note: it isn’t the best of mixes, but this is the first I was able to publish/post, ill soon make a back catalog, if interested/

Do The Trick

There’s so much that I try to process
That doesn’t totally click,
However the mind can’t grasp
If the heart for it doesn’t stick,
I want to fill:be the void
But I slip right through it like jive talk onto something slick,
Wanting to get to the center of the tootsie pop
Never took so many licks,
Never in my life have I gotten what I wanted
After not having to throw any fits,
I don’t mean to complain
It’s just mind boggling/it’s a trip,
God is certainly good
I’m just the one being a bitch,
For not looking for a permanent solution
And just Settling for a quick fix,
I’ve known for a while now
What doesn’t settle doesn’t mix,
“My heart isn’t running right
It just needs a little kick,

Will you
Do the trick?”