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So Close, but far

Every time I look

At the moon

I see you…

The shine

From the gloom

Makes me wish

I knew more than

Just “Of you”….

Since I don’t

Why pray tell

would I wish I do?

I suppose

It’s the askew view

That I’m forced to endure

Since social media

Keeps us closer than


in person


Staring at the heavens

From the sewers

Seems to be

All I seem I do..

On or Off Target

outside of death

hunger knows no bounds

underneath the heavens

there is no limit,

until you reach an outter space

where your worth

your weight in gravity

and time measures your distance,

 dog eats dog

jealousy fuels

and hard headedness

is appreciated by the ignorant,

 IT is

what you make IT

you can say you did

but IT wont do you any good if you really didn’t,

you can never

change your past

just steer in a clearer direction

and hope the future has something different,

they say you can’t

b.s. a b.s’er


if the other one is fluent,

I would sit here

and go tit for tat

but unfortunately

I’m not that patient,

maybe it’s because

I’m pressed for time

and I have yet

to hit my objective,

It may be

my a.d.h.d.

or the scent of someone else approaching my hydrant

that makes me possessive,

but the Lord knows

my heart would be

with no flame or desire

if there wasnt competition for my obsession

she waited

with the times like they are

not many are willing to travel very far

to accommodate for another

unless they’re directly benefiting from the war

that they themselves are not battling

so how can understanding even be sub par

but she wanted so she waited

now my heart for her is ajar


im trying hard

to make time

but time isnt

easy to make,

i can only

talk my way out

of so many things

before im considered a flake,

its either that


under sell

or fake,

but for those

who can practice patience

i promice itll be worth the wait

like whoa

my love is like woe

in which what keeps me up

also brings me down,

guilty thoughts of not being faithful

100 & 10%

all the way down & around..



oh/woe my love how I miss you

so much

its brings me tears,

the ones ive been holding back

is pouring out for all of the years,

that have come in & out between us

like total utter strangers,

taking us to places

that we know only equals danger,

but love drunkenness

here we go,

not knowing how to run

or how to take it slow,

you gotta be all in

and just go for broke,

to much of not enough

has me sighing

like whoa…..