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The next Move



I have iT

in my hands,

I want to do

something with it

but im scared

so I stand,

not too sure

on my next move

damn the feeling of feeling damned,

she fell right

into my palm

but to bother her

I can’t,

I fidget

feeling rigid

 I AM a Richard

I’m the man,

the king in me

is humbled

and I bow

as if on holy land,

that doesn’t mean

I don’t attempt

but every kick

is caught by another hand,

that assures me

somethings going to happen

but it’s not

what I have planned,

so all the more

does it make me mad

and all the more

do I demand,

for more

oh this whore

has me heated

and then a fan,

hovers over and cools me off

I’m put off

and forget

why I heavily pant,

once I sit

all the way down

I can now

figure out my next dance


what do you think,

makes yo do what you do?

do you notice patterns in things,

where they turn how they bloom?

whats in all that is left,

is there any wiggle room?

or is it set in stone,

are likes what their suppose to?

does it sound like a noise,

does it stand on its toes?

are split seconds for sure,

are you satisfied with a “i suppose”?

how are the acoustics,

does it surround like Bose?

are you making the decisions,

or is it some one else who chose?