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The next Move



I have iT

in my hands,

I want to do

something with it

but im scared

so I stand,

not too sure

on my next move

damn the feeling of feeling damned,

she fell right

into my palm

but to bother her

I can’t,

I fidget

feeling rigid

 I AM a Richard

I’m the man,

the king in me

is humbled

and I bow

as if on holy land,

that doesn’t mean

I don’t attempt

but every kick

is caught by another hand,

that assures me

somethings going to happen

but it’s not

what I have planned,

so all the more

does it make me mad

and all the more

do I demand,

for more

oh this whore

has me heated

and then a fan,

hovers over and cools me off

I’m put off

and forget

why I heavily pant,

once I sit

all the way down

I can now

figure out my next dance

Raised this way


Some say that I’m a monster
Usually after they label me a threat,
Some would defend I’m born this way
But it’s actually more, how I was bred,
You could can make an angel a demon
If enough hate & envy have met,
I was shaped to lie kill and steal
Even though I’m sure that wasn’t gods intent

an ode to my brother from another mother

he wakes up

and has to go school

the education he’s going for

is to keep him from continuing to play the fool

in constant career arguments with  his mother

forever  battling  under the same roof,

throw in a pair of kids

now what is he to do…

with so much stress on his plate

he hardly has time to eat,

even though he has the munchies

from all that smoking weed,

it’s really just to calm him down

since he’s so angry at he,

who got him in his predicament

in his mind he calls him “me”..

so in continuance to escape

he clings to familiar friends,

ones who will take him in

bull shit and play pretend,

for what ever bit of time

that it takes until it ends,

and he’s back to reality

being the grown up who can’t let go of his adolescent trend

forever speaking of things that he has planned

but none of it unraveling as he had planned

this might be the future that will be in demand

forever in the know but not doing as he commands

im with him making blue prints

thinking what a waste of our limited time,

whats the point of thinking ahead

if we still end up staying behind,

I feel selfish when we gather together

because he could be using this precious time,

to be with his kids raising/not babysitting

but here we are bullshitting around our leisure time

not paying attention to all the signs

that have silver linings/ underscored divine

there’s way more obstacles in front of us

these are just that last images that have been burned across my mind

(iLove you brother of mine)

more iF than you can shake a stick at

if fait



are predetermined,

does that


putting an effort forth

is pretty much worthless,

if i go

all the way

is someone else

short serviced,

and if there’s


one spot at the top

is it 1st come 1st serve while the other is diverted?