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To a Happy New Year


Does a new year

Really stand for a new you?

Juggling demons

Isn’t the same

as slaying them


Is True….

I’ll be frank

Excuses aren’t my aim

Or what I plan on

“Trying to do”.

I truly want

to be,


There are too many vices

To ween off of slowly

Or diffuse.

Having to break down walls

Sounds exhausting,

But the hauntings

Aren’t cute…

I’m not hard

To be found

But I’ve hidden far away


To miss a few cues…

Some would think

I’ve died away,

There’s parts that are,


It’s in the realm

Of altering views.

That my comedic

Inability to express,

Has pigeon tied me to…

To be Bold

Is to be Brave

What’s more different

Then what herds follow & choose?

The years

(If we’re lucky)

Pass often enough

(Some unfortunately)

In repeat,

Until we decide

On something to do….

What that something is



On You.

Wants Melt

I don’t take
Very well.

It’s either
You love me
Or you
Can go to hell.

Like the creator
Above me

And all
Ones left with
Are the conviction
In them selves…

All I wanted was her heart
She wore
like a belt.

Kill time
Her flesh
She gave to someone else.

The angels
Would Tend to cry
Her demons
Couldn’t stand the smell.

The blood
Of something Greater
Would more times than not
Fiercely Compel.

Creating a cycle
That would reflect
The flaming fires
Of hell.

Only to look back
And wish
For a stronger will
In my self.

Thoughts of a madman

It won’t
Go away
Let go

The thought
as uncomfortable
As it is,

Has been given the green light
To leave
But instead holds on tight
like a freshly pressed
jelly of shit jar lid.

As if the demons I can’t shake off
Have been
Given permission
by the angels who protect me
to Continually pick at my wig,

I’m guessing it’s up to
True repentance
Because I’m a repeat offender
of my reoccurring sins.

But for how long
Must I
Have to

It’s hard to move on
When the reels of the mind
and play in an endless loop

Leaving me with a hunger to re-visit
Just so that I can have
Another dose of reality
When I already know the truth…

None of it seems worth it
In time
I hope it blurs

If I go back
I will stay
With out a doubt
Are the thoughts that plague
Just the same

Yield & Proceed with caution

We only see
What we wanna see.

And only pump breaks
When red lights are flashing.

Split second decisions
May result in tragic traffic.

So Manual efforts may be required
To jump start defensive driving tactics

Shadows of Thought

When darkness spread
Light then squishes
Ripping off The wings
of an angel for a wish

Raised this way


Some say that I’m a monster
Usually after they label me a threat,
Some would defend I’m born this way
But it’s actually more, how I was bred,
You could can make an angel a demon
If enough hate & envy have met,
I was shaped to lie kill and steal
Even though I’m sure that wasn’t gods intent