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The world according to Garp

The quieter you become
The better you can hear,

What I can’t do is see
Quite possibly
because of all the desires
that I hold dear,

What was muffled & far away
is now very loud And extremely clear,
Goose bumps gallop when you’re close
Followed by last second hesitation & curious fear.

They say it’s better to have loved & lost,
-If that is so
my love
Get the fuck outta here!

I have no energy
To tend to your croft
For my minds moat
Forces the steer,

Into a direction
Opposite of heaven
With a cast
That unshamefully leer,

Into the souls
Of what’s consuming
-The satisfaction
of an ending
iT’s revere.

Jealous me

Where you rest your head,
Is your home.

Over my heart,

Is For you,
you alone.

Where I’d rest mine
I’d never let go.

Not until you shoo me away
Because it’s time for us to go.

Even then
I’d fight
just a little,
Since my understanding
is slow.

The simplicity
Of playfulness
Only knows
That in which shows
the same road.

I know nor want
Anything else,
Ask The Lord
For he knows.

That’s why he’s jealous.
And that’s why
I long for,
Like I hold.

The trinity is brief
So I’m primarily at peace,

In the waves of your love
As the world
sways us
To and fro.

Forsaken & damned
Is how I feel
When separated
& left to roam.

I’m a man
Of the desert
So cry for me not
Welcome the cold.

Just not that of which
I have to go through alone.

Which is ironic
Since that’s the only time
I feel Death fan
Her icy tingly blow.

And that seems
To be
my on going
Open letter & poem.

I suppose.

Until The Lord,
Forgives me
For being
Such an asshole.

Following the sirens
That his word,
Warned me
not to follow.

My jealously
Is the meat,
That sticks to your ribs
& to your bones,

And all that flows
Inside you.
Until I do.
Lastly & forever more.

Reality Bites

She was ready for love.

Every night she prayed
& she cried for it….

He wasn’t,
she found out the hard way,

So he suffered
for it….

Kicking it with the homies


Those closest
Ones around
Are the ones
Hardest to let go,

And until we
Can figure that out
The consequences
Will torture slow

The All Seeing Death

I can’t lie

 I’ve accepted,

The madness

That slowly incepted,

 There’s so much

 That I don’t wanna stress it,

So I unwrap


and injected,

 All the poisons

I thought

Would replenish,

 All my


 Whip ins,

Hurting so bad

I Won’t stop

Till it finish,


To a terrorist


 I’m so many man

And I need

 me A witness,

 O lord

There’s about to be

Some killings,

I can smell

the sweat

From the thick of the tension,

Here I am


 in suspension…

a voice says


ain’t your fight

Carry on,

To the


Of the


Bring all your


 This is going to be a


Knifes need

to pierce quick

 Best sharpen up

your swords,

A bible

for a shield

And the weapon

is the word,

What is your

 bare fist

Going to do

against a swarm?,

 of Ice cold hearts

that Stand strong


the warm,


Turn up The heat


need to be torn,

Against actions

 that laid back

With our oaths

that were sworn,

We need

a re-doing

Weve done been

Re born,

Because what we’ve been

stuck in


Cleaning up the source,


 only fueling

And causing

more & more,


From the pure

 that’s already

been torn,

And what about

the child

That we’ve

already bore?,

It’s far

too late

For the simple

 to ignore,

 It’s either

do it right now


 mother fucker hit the floor…

The Cha-Cha dancing Killer

I’ve seen
many a killer
Dead square
in the eyes,
Not just once
I’ve had the pleasure
Damn near
a couple of times,
However this time
It doesn’t appear
there’s going to be a crime,
Except for the displeasure
Of not making
this killer mine.
This killer is beautiful
And Elegantly Divine
One to count their steps
Yet a free spirit/A real spice of life.
I’ve been in of the presence
Of those in her profession
But never so stealth
In my own skin yet somehow its still a disguise.
We are both
aware of the other
But she’s the one
that’s easy On the eyes,
Her advantages
Are great
And I
Can only be mindful of my replies.
I quickly ponder on how
I can ball and chain/arrest this killer
But then I hit myself with the question why?
If God designed us to be
A repeat of our history
And I my self
Have been killed many a time.
Is IT destiny
For this to be the death of me
Since Every
Death Is but a way to redefine,
is this the blessing Of evolution
My reason and constitution
To bare knuckle brawl
And have her
as my inspiration
to finally become Alive!?!

A tree with no leaves


we can breathe life
Or we can snare death,
We often fall like dominos
One after the next,
What we claim we don’t want
We beg for it with intent,
We reap what we sow
Even if it isn’t by request,
It locks in from our heart
And sneaks out through our chest,
Wilding out in our actions
Showing off to the rest,
Of the world/that we care
Like animosity is zen,
Doing by our own will
Writing on paper with a pen,
A character actor
So lost in his own performance,
Ignoring where the action starts
And where the cut seems to end,
Fool everyone shame on you
fool your self, I don’t get,
The understanding can only be
As cohesive as what we can interpret,
Don’t be like a tree with no leaves
Cause Even death can accumulate debt