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Chained to my desk

With #feelings
And a #mode
I #wish not to #speak,
I #live #vicariously
Through my #ninjas
Since it isn’t
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In Life


we are

an image

 of our creator


 are we so evil?

Is it the world

whose space age


has somehow

broken through

the filter…

opposites attract

there can’t be dark

without no light

and you can’t feel empty


 some sort of filler…


are with the soul

of an angel

and there are those

hunting with the instincts

of a killer…


are “blessed” with both

at the same time


the destination

of the



 whats meant to be

what happens accidentally

and who forcibly

 pulls the trigger?

I suppose

this book

this passage

wouldn’t be entertaining

if it wasnt

a thriller


my view

is askew

I cant tell

which way is directly up,

by the time

I do

it would appear

like my time is up,

fears confuse

like an interlude

in the middle

in which has me messing up,

the in between


from beginning to end

 with slow motion not being slow enough,

very independent

but at the moment

I need someone to hold my hand

because that is what makes me tough,

a warrior

all alone

going through masses of enemies

all for the split second of feeling love

my high

ive been on this high

IT last as long as im on IT

but as soon as im off

IT feels like ive lost IT,

i gotta have you all the time

because IT simply can’t stop

the longest ive gone without IT is two days

but just one with no contact makes my heart drop

ITs funny how im so busy

i pray to be left alone

and the moment that IT happens

i cant stand to think/ my mind is gone

i need attention

so i can give IT

with out IT

i have no vision….

(soul) i see with what i feel

but right now i cant touch the walls

so im patting & im brushing

but this feeling isn’t coming off

goodness gracious

please don’t let me

come down,

i can feel

a head rush

and everything is spiraling down,

almost worried that im wrong

but im too consumed by how it feels right

like a moth to the flame im craving all the spot light

until gut checked & humbled & all i can do is embrace stage fright

my selfish ness

ignores my consciousness

all so my sloppy flesh

can be getting my high