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You Break IT, You Buy IT.

not always

is the customer always right,

and if you think your checks and balances are worth the  receipt

well then you must be in dire need of a fight,

there’s some things that you

just can’t put a label on or price,

no algorithm theory

of the beauty in the spirit or what is appealing to the eyes,

can match the stains and debt you leave

when you crush, because you break, you buy!

behind our backs (memories prank)

there are things

that I want

to say

but I can’t,

my tongue

has cuts on it

and its pain

makes me draw a blank,

I’m having

flashbacks as if

history is

trying to play a prank,

the sight of you


so the thought of you

I truly thank

A tree with no leaves


we can breathe life
Or we can snare death,
We often fall like dominos
One after the next,
What we claim we don’t want
We beg for it with intent,
We reap what we sow
Even if it isn’t by request,
It locks in from our heart
And sneaks out through our chest,
Wilding out in our actions
Showing off to the rest,
Of the world/that we care
Like animosity is zen,
Doing by our own will
Writing on paper with a pen,
A character actor
So lost in his own performance,
Ignoring where the action starts
And where the cut seems to end,
Fool everyone shame on you
fool your self, I don’t get,
The understanding can only be
As cohesive as what we can interpret,
Don’t be like a tree with no leaves
Cause Even death can accumulate debt

Look for IT

Look at where IT is

look at where IT takes you,

look at what IT wants

and see if IT wont chase you,

if not then IT

will find another way to tame you,

IT traps you in a corner

until IT makes  a breakthrough,

however long IT takes

IT will make ITs debut,

right on time

just like a curfew,

right on the spot

where IT tears & theres issues,

everything you thought

is nowhere near what IT knew,

exactly where to go

as if there’s only a few,

chosen is what you are

IT is like THE glue,

that protects & keeps the motor running

so that you can pursue,

everything that is right

so that you never have to redo,

the same mistakes over again

since now they appear see through,

yet you carry IT with you

permanently just like a tattoo,

nothing tacky or fake

ITs an honor ITs a virtue,

ITs a light you want to shine

so that others attract to you

Look at IT