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Her, quiet distance

I’m soul curious,
As to
What’s go’in on
Up there?

I can only imagine
The view.

I climb
And I climb,

But the clouds
I wish to lay on,
Shift deeper
Into the queue.

I’ve figured out
A couple patterns,

But regardless
What’s down
In the valley,
Is all controlled
By you.

You may be swayed
Wherever the roads
Are paved,
But you follow
What you find as true.

My only worry is,
It takes a while
To walk those steps,

I’d hate to see
Where your mind
If your heart
Is askew.

In the land
Of black & white,

The emphasis
Of the sigh

Is but a

(Further more)

The warmest color
is blue.

Wants Melt

I don’t take
Very well.

It’s either
You love me
Or you
Can go to hell.

Like the creator
Above me

And all
Ones left with
Are the conviction
In them selves…

All I wanted was her heart
She wore
like a belt.

Kill time
Her flesh
She gave to someone else.

The angels
Would Tend to cry
Her demons
Couldn’t stand the smell.

The blood
Of something Greater
Would more times than not
Fiercely Compel.

Creating a cycle
That would reflect
The flaming fires
Of hell.

Only to look back
And wish
For a stronger will
In my self.

What is IT

Killed the cat
But it also
Fed & Freed the mind,
I think so
So I feed IT
All the time…

more iF than you can shake a stick at

if fait



are predetermined,

does that


putting an effort forth

is pretty much worthless,

if i go

all the way

is someone else

short serviced,

and if there’s


one spot at the top

is it 1st come 1st serve while the other is diverted?


It started

with a look

which hopefully enticing

a hello, 




to continue &  flow,

 into something

more intimate

then the average

chit-chat that’s just for show,

You have my

undivided attention


I want you to know,

The balls in

your court

your attention

I wish to hold,

im not saying

let’s get crazy

with one another

and physically lose control,

im saying

tell me the secrets

that breaks through

your exteriors mold,

get them off your chest

it always feels good

to let loose

and let go,

the sight of you

gives me a million thoughts

and im trying to figure out

how to at the very least implode,

the proper guidelines to get our minds 

on the same page that’s easy to follow

I wanted to start off with something funny

but  maybe/I guess I’ll just start with a


deep down i know

Hey Love

are you

looking for,

what it is

that I AM

looking for…

Because if you are

then id like

to explore,

the deepest


of your soul,

to kiss

& heal

every sore,

so every hurt

never hurts you

any more..

Woe to the silence

in your eyes

that says galore,

which really really

makes me

want you/ even more,

making these things

that I feel

(of the soul) irresistable,

but the one thing

that I love

I cant control,

so I’ll just have to

wait here

un-till you go,

to a place

where my love

wont be ignored,

ill wait

& I’ll wait

for the “impossible”,

cause whats ment to be

is ment to be

& deep down I know