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car trouble

its late at night

and all I want

is to go home,

my stomach is grumbling

and I’m bummed

that im all alone,

I got in an argument

that stemmed over

the contents on a phone,

two wrongs don’t make a right

because when your wrong

your wrong…

I’m speeding down

the freeway

when I see someone needs help,

ive been plenty of

a dick today

maybe I should help out,

soon as I hop out the car

I hear somebody yell

“get the fuck down!”,

taking everything

but my smile

 its funny how things come back around…

this is how

I met the misses,

on the gravel from a ghetto event

with her as my witness,

this time she was with her cousin

this was pay back for the heart-break given,


lord forgive ’em….

a family affair

love doesn’t live here

any more

but her sisters

make frequent visits,

they’re definitely

not the same

type of “whatever you can imagine”

but they all love blowing kisses,

hidden agendas aren’t always


most their attempts

are more hit then misses,

the excitement

of something different.

gives my sensitive’s

the perfect twistings,

the exhilaration

of something tempting,

has left vacant

where once had consistent living,

getting has

replaced the gift of giving,

also the relationship expectations

of what this was at the beginning…