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I’m torn
On my wants
Needs Not
concern me too much,
We weren’t made
To be lonely
But honestly
What’s all the fuss…
Having to report
Check in
And Be considerate
Of someone else?!
Having to
Plan for two
When I can barely
Make decisions for myself!
There are some things
That look good from afar
And up close
Look far from good,
Maybe I’m jaded
not so easily impressed
With more thoughts of wouldn’t
Instead of actual woulds …
Only fools
Fall in love
And I’ve kept my eyes
Open for too long,
Now that it’s getting windy
I keep them chink
Because the breeze is
Moving too strong…
I’m afraid
I’m un sure,
There’s plenty of
Medicine in the sea
I just haven’t
Found the cure.

A stroll with the one that you love

You end up with

what you put up with,

why wouldn’t you be happy

if your other fits like a mitt,

probably even more so

if they’re small enough to fit inside of your pocket?

what we enjoy and embrace

should never be scary to admit,

we should show them off like the sun

and not try to conceal it like a zit,

out loud and proud


I think I’m the good guy

looking for the culprit,

or I can be the bad guy

with a niche looking to knit,

all preconceived notions

that I keep deep inside chambers that remain unlit,

I want to say so much

but my half-wit mind wont permit my lips,

I look at the image above

and just think are these just Classic Misfits?

or with all the recent cannibalism

finally hitting the zombie apocalypse,

either way its crazy

and I don’t think its a skit…

Only For a Moment

for that

slight moment,

in time

we’re both holding,

all that really matters

that… small moment

awkward movement

I think

its hilarious

and interesting

just how

the world



more arrogant

than the

elephant in the room

but my blunt

slowly burns,

like the opposite

of an anorexic


who fattened up/didn’t throw up

and little by little

developed curves,

and that


shows up

at the wrong time


‘what balls”

‘what nerve”,

I needed strength

on that date

she needed swav

I gave her a

half assed nerd,


with my self

a bitter creamy taste

self expired

and soft served,

oh well

I guess

I’ll go on

about my business

doing  the robot

as I

make my moves

 hitting these corners & curves,


to one day

I bump into  my fellow/matching

weird ass

dance around

to break the ice

type  of girl

how long


She waits
But for how long,
One can’t miss their ride
Because somebody else is on pause,

Stay strong
She might tell her self with contempt,
Because her friends certainly
Don’t want her to hold her breathe,

One can only receive
What their being given,
You can give to receive
But you can only plant seeds
Not force others to be driven,

We want what we want
And wants are very strong,
In time all things will come to be
But the only question thought, is, how long?

We Go Together

We go together

so please, let’s get together,

I have the sturdy wings

and your strong with the lovely feathers,

that adds the beauty to the beast

which adds panache when ever there is shitty weather,

that sticks on tight

like when ever there’s heat & water added to  lambskin leather,

and your no push over neither

you can bust balls as if they were tethered,

I think that’s why I like you

even though you say having a man is “just whatever”,

but I think

you need someone to hold on to tight,

you have your “lil man”

but a MAN is needed to keep THAT lid on tight,

someone to be true

and not give bullshit reasons for starting up a fight,

you need someone to give you that secure feeling

when your up and its late at night,

to be able to be in your presence

is a privilege not a right,

I know this, this is why

I say we go together, and I’m pretty confident I can do you right 

No Time For Games

time is of the essence

and there’s no time like the present

the Lord allows for misery, so he can bestow his blessings

strength comes out from our hunger, so we don’t buckle down under that which is tempting

love knows no bound

so lets not bull shit her if we don’t plan on being a loyal tenant

no matter how good the reason

all excuses are plain out irrelevant

if you don’t want to break

then don’t even bend a little bit