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The Demons We Know & Love

We all fuss,
We all fight.
Sometimes in a rush,
Sometimes outta spite.
Usually because
entitled we recite.
Allowing the hurt we endure
Kept alive & just ripe.
The beast on its toes
We entice through the night.
Questioning the weakness
That is now
Only After
a swing & a bite.

In between shifts

Do you
Our last time?

Where it was
You & I…

Oh you and I,

Make the most
perfect of circles
The Squiggliest of lines…

(Yes) I fuss,
(But) You argue,
Like a train wreck
Right on

Constant back & fourths
Because you can’t be wrong
And I,
can never
be right…

But that would never
Stop you,
from letting me
And regardless of temper,
rough Up your hide…

No matter
How upset
You might,


You would
and let me,

Be me…

And it’s for that
I can’t
forget about

No matter
How hard,
I try,

To suppress thee
Never seem to shy…

All I can do is
Hang back,
talk shit

I hate I
Without you,
Right there
By my side…

Damn these
Of the

I hope the next shift
Because I hate wondering
Who what where when
And why

It Never Ends, its the

its seems like

the streams of wonder like

to open up

at random,

some chances only come

so often

if you don’t take it

you may be subject to a tantrum,

that can possibly be

the apostrophe

 on top of the cherry

that amplifies the anthem,

that we keep inside

bottled up

but buyer beware

the effects you may not like or fathom,

there is such

an ugliness

hidden underneath

the narcissists handsome,

cool calm collect

underneath is a sluggish beast

who doesn’t bother to be in stealth

when he has strikes of anti phantom,

who wants to be out loud

and fling every

piece of shit

that he can sink his hands in all is ammo,

two is not enough

upping the anti

is a minimum requirement,

using every play in the book

hail mary

full of grace

one must be the example,

to not step in my crosshairs

or even splitting hairs

because when the beast consumes

it devours

There is nothing so stable as change.

tomorrow isn’t promised

the only thing consistent

is change,

we can stack things

in perfect order

but that doesn’t mean they wont rearrange,

as soon as we let go of something

there that goes

back in the never-ending altering maze,

of course

there are some people

that are forever stuck in their ways,

and then

there are others

who are just going through a phase,

no matter how we test or measure

there is nothing as stable

as the times love affair with the change

all i have

all I have

to give

is love

but she

went ahead

and took my rib,

the saddest

part about it

is that

she has no idea

or gives

a shit,

she does

what she wants

while I

can only

do what I

can get away with,

we both

get hurt

playing the victim

but  wear

the smile perfectly

playing the villan