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Duo tone

With eyes
Full of pride
And a heart
Full of ache,
Ears tired
Of the lies
And a tolerance
Sick of the pain,
That the wise
Think they hide
And the mannequins
Attempt to fake,
In her strength
She will ride
Every super natural
And cosmic wave,
No matter how wide
A yawn is still a sigh
Oh how close we resemble
The path that they’ve paved,
Issues put off to the side
Grow & tower like high tide
Increasing the volume in tremble
That no mere man is able to save,
The thought
Reaches my eyes
And I’m unable
To contain,
The tears
That reprise
My previous
Emotional state.
I want
What I consider mine
And hope that it becomes fait,
That breaks me out
Of what is shy
Rushes me into the needed
And finally takes me away.

Scarlett’s web

The corner
In the room
Goes unnoticed
And unswept,
The back
Of your mind
Holds all of the best
Holds true
In the last
Of seconds,
Right before
Times out
The far off cloud in the 9’s
extends width,

forever grasping


they tease,

filling me with hope

im not to sure if I need,

inspiration and dedication

add fuel to the fire, definitely,

but it always grabs on tight

and drives one to insanity,

I don’t want to, want

what I can’t have, it stings,

 and everything that I have had

only leaves behind memories,

which one would argue

its better to have had than never have had anything,

but society asking what do you have to show

is what seems the most everlasting,

light and darkness

is what im forever grasping

i bid you adieu

love is what i wanted

love is not what i deserve

once i found someone to love me

my attention was quickly curved

the itch of my flesh

had to be scratched before it struck a nerve

and now it appears

as if i don’t care…

it’s not that i don’t

it’s that my attention has been peaked

once the fucking has been achieved


there isn’t anything left

so there’s goes me

i bid you adieu lady dear


You Cant Stop My SHiNE pt3

they say if this don’t work

well then its on to the next

but how about if what you have

really takes away your breath

I wouldnt wanna miss a moment

and I wouldnt wanna miss a step

if you’ve never felt like that

then you must have quit to quick






but hoe not me

ive found something

that makes me wanna dance

that makes me wanna preach

it makes me wanna yell

it makes me wanna sing

to tell every one that I know

hey HOE come with me (to safety)

if that aint your cup of tea

well then I guess “I guess so”

if you wanna be stuck onto stupid

well then like THAT 70’s show, your Kelso

I guess we’ll see who’s right

when mothership

comes back for her people

I just don’t want it be too late

because we will be divide

but it wont be

as equals