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awkward movement

I think

its hilarious

and interesting

just how

the world



more arrogant

than the

elephant in the room

but my blunt

slowly burns,

like the opposite

of an anorexic


who fattened up/didn’t throw up

and little by little

developed curves,

and that


shows up

at the wrong time


‘what balls”

‘what nerve”,

I needed strength

on that date

she needed swav

I gave her a

half assed nerd,


with my self

a bitter creamy taste

self expired

and soft served,

oh well

I guess

I’ll go on

about my business

doing  the robot

as I

make my moves

 hitting these corners & curves,


to one day

I bump into  my fellow/matching

weird ass

dance around

to break the ice

type  of girl

what goes a long way


goes a long way

as does


when one is really

feeling themselves

others might see you

as a hot mess,

trying to ride

& find the lines

are what can cause confusion

& mad stress,

don’t bite more

then you can chew

or iron

what has already been fine pressed,

just cause

you can fly

doesn’t mean

you should leave the nest,

just cause you use

irish springs

doesn’t mean

zestfully fresh,

just cause

you have style

doesn’t mean

you can rock that vest made out of mesh,

the moment

you press your luck

will be the moment

you flunk the test,

so please

stay humble

and quit acting

like stink fumes

don’t come out

of your shit