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The All Seeing Death

I can’t lie

 I’ve accepted,

The madness

That slowly incepted,

 There’s so much

 That I don’t wanna stress it,

So I unwrap


and injected,

 All the poisons

I thought

Would replenish,

 All my


 Whip ins,

Hurting so bad

I Won’t stop

Till it finish,


To a terrorist


 I’m so many man

And I need

 me A witness,

 O lord

There’s about to be

Some killings,

I can smell

the sweat

From the thick of the tension,

Here I am


 in suspension…

a voice says


ain’t your fight

Carry on,

To the


Of the


Bring all your


 This is going to be a


Knifes need

to pierce quick

 Best sharpen up

your swords,

A bible

for a shield

And the weapon

is the word,

What is your

 bare fist

Going to do

against a swarm?,

 of Ice cold hearts

that Stand strong


the warm,


Turn up The heat


need to be torn,

Against actions

 that laid back

With our oaths

that were sworn,

We need

a re-doing

Weve done been

Re born,

Because what we’ve been

stuck in


Cleaning up the source,


 only fueling

And causing

more & more,


From the pure

 that’s already

been torn,

And what about

the child

That we’ve

already bore?,

It’s far

too late

For the simple

 to ignore,

 It’s either

do it right now


 mother fucker hit the floor…

True to Thy Self

Can I be honest?

I felt like I havent done that completely,

The person that you know

isn’t necessarily that clingy,

it’s a defence mechanism used to be the good guy

so that the other person is the asshole for leaving,

truthfully I do in my core, love with all of me

but I’m not at the point right now, of settling,

I’ve gone to CostCo noticed the many things

and will not stop until I’ve tasted everything worth sampling,

Such is the case with a killer

I had hoped was going to be the death of me,

and out of “sheare randomness” she reached out

so what’d I do, I acted like “me”,

She’d ask what I’ve been up to

I’d speak of searching for love, knowing damn well that’ll push her away from me,

I want to be a respectful gentleman

and not like the passionate poet that tends to speak more abrasively,

I want her to be aware her that I can & will fulfill her in a way she hasn’t

completing her, by only using one part of me,

However I later figured that would too foward

but then I contemplate “what if” maybe that is what is needed to get the end result of “we”,

if only for a moment, since that’s all we have

where not really promised too many things,

the devil doesnt trick you into sin

with more than a few warning signs & give the luxury of bracing,

the greatest cooking is paced slowly but surely,

one should know the basics & respect what is worthy,

but we live in modern times which means there’s no order in which what can be on going with glory,

there’s an algorithm to life but calculating is sometimes boring,

my Dear Killer Cha if & when  you read this, this is fair warning,

If & when we engage you will be put to blissful agony that will make your desire’ss greed portly

I’ve come about things all wrong and if this is what it is to push you away then that’s what I get for not being 100 & snoring,

I want to go deeper

and explain how I want to be used,

but I don’t want to be too revealing

and give away too many clues,

on my home remedies, with movies & wine

and other methods of killing the blues,

I’m sure with your beauty

this isn’t surprising or of any news,

Be true to thy self

and indulge in what you’re wanting to.


it taste so sweet

to the lips,

yet it

burns and scrapes the tongue,

all I want

is a kiss,

but I don’t know

where they’ve come from,

that which is loose

sinks ships,

playing innocent

and dumb,

ive been waiting

all week for this,

but it ran away as fast

as shadows do from the sun..

Okay im Ready. To Describe iT. Please read. Everyones invited.

Come Closer to ME.

just clip ON.

iWant you right next to me.

and never gET oFF.

be part of ME

and LETs take THiS head ON.

iN my MiND

iNever want YoU

to gET oFF.


because iHave to

nEveEr bEcausE

iHave tO.


Forget It?

we’re more than meets the eye

we’re of another dimension,

not your average cartoon

we’re super heroes super confused just not so super men,

fighting with no cape & no tights

sometimes just a little lost when fast approaching,

needing all the help in the world

just not taking to kindly to coaching…

if im suppose to go right

but made a slight soft left,

it’s just like going hard

in the opposite direction,

skipping every stop

ignoring every intention,

with little to no words

trying my damnedest to explain it,

maybe I shouldnt (since thoughts & feelings are expensive)

and just forget it

like whoa

my love is like woe

in which what keeps me up

also brings me down,

guilty thoughts of not being faithful

100 & 10%

all the way down & around..



oh/woe my love how I miss you

so much

its brings me tears,

the ones ive been holding back

is pouring out for all of the years,

that have come in & out between us

like total utter strangers,

taking us to places

that we know only equals danger,

but love drunkenness

here we go,

not knowing how to run

or how to take it slow,

you gotta be all in

and just go for broke,

to much of not enough

has me sighing

like whoa…..


I speak from experience

unless im straight up trying to assume,

but I don’t want to make an ass

out of me or out of you,

so I wanna tell you a secret

and I hope you can keep it between us two,

someone told me something

and im afraid it’s happening soon…




the end has been coming

way back since the beginning,

but this time around

its way louder with a brighter image,

pieces of the puzzle

are completing & are seriously almost finished,

a star will shine so bright

everything else will look diminished..

a hero

will come

that appears

to have saved the day,

but in reality

he’s just a puppet

in someone else

twisted game,

causing an illusion

 to get you

to look

far far & UP away,

from what  it is you

were on verge of figuring out

distractions go

a very very long way…

but i need you to stay

and pay very close attention,

cause if you don’t

you will surely & clearly be missin’,

the purpose that defeats the point

and every other imbedded reason,

but im afraid if give any more information

it will no longer be aSecret