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Hungry Hungry Hugger


More please.

More please.

The annoyance
But I feel
right at home
When my heart
Feels The drum
Of another/similar Heart beat…

More please.

More please.

Is the power
Of your attention,
For It gives me
that boost,
I can only equate
To my favorite morning coffee…

More please.

More please.

I want,
I crave,
I need,
And if I can’t
Then I ask
you cut me off swiftly…

Those who cling
Beg for more.

And I do so

waking up

i wake

i see

after i open up my eyes,

a world i’m a little unfamiliar  with

on how i landed here

and why,

what is the purpose

of the things that

dont create life,

evil is but and expression

on whats on the inside

wrapped in lies,

because there has to be

an ending

to what started and started right,

waking up

on the wrong side of the bed

should be corrected in how i fall asleep at night


How does one attack?

you do IT in plain sight…

truly your worst enemy

will be under your nose the whole time…

IT will surpass one of your weaknesses

hidden inside of one of your likes…

and before you realize IT


your done for the night…

ITs our responsiblity

but you can’t prevent

some elses


iLove caffeine/coffee

and a buzz

but Fuck IT moments

call for no want for protection…

 you think

you’re in control

but the devil knows

how to rock you in suspension..

let’s go with

the wind

lets not get caught up

in reflection…

we only live once

tonight is your night

let’s do this for all the other nights

we decided to play nice,

I wanna

be naughty

I don’t want to

think twice,

lets just


but IT will fuck you

like darkness in the night