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Holiday BuZZ


I want far too much,

Even after

Being told

That one should never covet.

If the material

Is what fuels,

Surely that inspiration

Should stand for something.

Uninspired i lay,

Knowing I need

To stand,

Or at the very least

Say something.

I think the high

Is coming down,

But I’m still numb,

Feeling nothing.

Holiday Recap


& what you call happyTimes,
The SadToSee
Is the queue
Of WhatYouBelieve
& that Is whatYouFind…

One can’t be
Too mad
Because We speak All
Into Existence,
Especially In the hard times
Where the present
Happens like split second decisions
It is instant…

If All love
Is forgiven
And parting
Is such a sweet sorrow,
Then damned is the secret hug
Exciting is the Sin
Is the regret for anticipating tomorrow…

living in this Winter Wonderland

it’s a wonder how we made it

its come so very fast,

like a sled on top of the snow

of this winter wonder land,

that has left me more dazed than confused

with the spirit of the Christmas past,

hoping this whirlwind is just for the moment

id hate for this occurrence to last,

memories and current thoughts

more often than not, clash,

I muster up all the strength

the Lord has allowed me save in my stash,

of power that I devour

when I’m faced with retarded math,

that doesn’t equal up to my equations

when I’m bundled up against a wrath,

that bubbles up from all the drama

that the “holidays” often hash,

the want for things of non importance

put a tamper on what truly deserves a stab,

however we more often on then not

experiment with just a dab,

since we cling to familiar traditions

even if we’ve forgotten why they began to exist to man,

things get lost in translation when we transition

what was a reflecting of faith to what the end of the fiscal year shows that we have,

may our bless it souls allow

our eyes and hearts to see and graph,

all the beauty and truth

of this, our winter, wonderland.

prove your love (by spending excessively)

can you feel the holiday spirit?

if not, please note; the commercials are trying to help.

letting you in on all the best deals

on the items that, your family simply can’t live with out.

if you love them then you have to

that’s what this holiday is all about.

tuck in the $ign$ behind the X

and take that Christ part right on out.

tis the season for seasons greetings

and you can’t come over, unless you’re putting out.

Merry X-Mas! Happy Holidays!

everybody at a business shouts