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eenie meenie

eenie meenie

Minnie moe,

catch one red-handed

and by the toe,

if they bother to make excuses

then, let them go…

Or prepare and brace

your self




You Break IT, You Buy IT.

not always

is the customer always right,

and if you think your checks and balances are worth the  receipt

well then you must be in dire need of a fight,

there’s some things that you

just can’t put a label on or price,

no algorithm theory

of the beauty in the spirit or what is appealing to the eyes,

can match the stains and debt you leave

when you crush, because you break, you buy!


Self interest

highly addicted

overly medicated

mom tested & kid approved,

wearing all the template faces

reflecting off

the many moods

of all the moons,

this is different

the weeks been twisted

woe to what sexy mixed in

& to what Elohim showed through & proved,

 even though

my mind knows better

my flesh wants what is clever

and to satisfy its worldly womb,

a little to drink

a lot to smoke

taking away the powers to think

about our close approaching/appending doom,

I await with a smile and a peace sign

something pretty on my lap/raw hide

when really all that is needed is my  bible app

and patience for these wounds to soothe



iT wanders

and iT gropes

where ever iT can

iT will surely go

what ever iT can touch

iT will thrust full throttle

the fingers of my mind

irritate more than pills that are way too big to swallow

attacking nothing but still waters

im already aware that are shallow

yet iT doesn’t care

 forever do those fingers wander

To my neighbor

They say beauty is only skin deep

but you my dear

have IT

in the aroma of your soul,

something so pure & sweet

 it’s no question


you attract such assholes,

the more royal

your scent

the more of the beast

from others takes control,

you my dear

are a Queen

don’t let your minds sickness

ever erase what God has bestowed,

I dare not give you

too many compliments

because I don’t want

for your head to explode,

although most do it anyway

your self-conscious

balances out

the toll,

beauty is more than flesh

its more than flavor

it’s all your seasonings

its your whole…

when im blessed enough to be able to look into your eyes

I see beauty floating both on your seas & in your skies