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Her, quiet distance

I’m soul curious,
As to
What’s go’in on
Up there?

I can only imagine
The view.

I climb
And I climb,

But the clouds
I wish to lay on,
Shift deeper
Into the queue.

I’ve figured out
A couple patterns,

But regardless
What’s down
In the valley,
Is all controlled
By you.

You may be swayed
Wherever the roads
Are paved,
But you follow
What you find as true.

My only worry is,
It takes a while
To walk those steps,

I’d hate to see
Where your mind
If your heart
Is askew.

In the land
Of black & white,

The emphasis
Of the sigh

Is but a

(Further more)

The warmest color
is blue.

Dream Catcher

Catch me
if you can
The angel said,

I believe there’s nothing
that I can’t
So off, right away iSped.

I chased.
Caught up
She stopped.
We stared.

My heart
full of longing
Her glare
with no cares.

All the more
Do I want
So All the more
Does she run,

A vicious cycle
But there I hoe
Like a moon
For the sun.

My problem
I just love
Too much…

I’m too extra,
And most can’t stand
TheRush …

You can almost taste it

We’re off to the races.
Where it’s all
Tempting & chasing.
No time to catch breathe
is wasting,
The burn that the carrot
At the end
Of the railing,

The Boasters

It’s not your fault
That you like
What you do

You were programmed
And manipulated

are the bearings
While other things
Are unjust
and set just too loose


And uber things
way Beyond sights
Most don’t even
attention to

It’s all recorded
And inks out
With the actions
That you
And knowingly spew

What you show off
And what you Give
And Endless
Glory to

A brand
A name
A drug
The activity
That you do
With the boo

What is your God?
What is that you
can’t live
Hesitation to attempt
To skip orders and Pursue?


You can say
That you

A Non believer
To the thought
And notion
That There’s something
above you

Do houses not have walls?
And hair weaves not have
A strong need
for sowing
And or crazy glue?

I ramble in jokes
Because there’s
To much to bring up
Giving numerous amounts
Of possessions to argue

As a people
We need
Not the wants
But the strength
and order
to stand
and remain true

Something to keep
And Un chipped
Like the tooth

That’s been
In too dirtiest
Of a mouths
To put
Sorts of

Go on
A million
And something
thirty two


Why… Hello there…

What an

awkward place

to meet

I admit

it says

a lot,

hands in

the cookie jar

sort to speak,


is how one

wants to be


not in the

market to shop

im in the water

just dipping feet,

too much heat

at once

can be a shock

so we rinse

and we repeat,


in not so quiet things

that are both

above us or beneath us


where the thrill is not merely

in just the chase

but also in the strategic surrender

that is given with a smile

 in your capturing

Chasing tail

on a good day

nothing else

gets in the way,

but when

I’m left with my self

I tend to get in the mood to play,

cops and robbers

dogs and cats

angry crowds & eager thirsty Dj,

in the desperate need

to play the hero

and get an honest hooray,

then I wear my

communism hard hat

and I want everyone to obey,

but then a pretty bull fighting dancer

who wants to challenge

gets in my face and hollers “oley”,

tells me their not trying to run

they’ll stand right there

and just carefully survey,

because there’s something

that I’m doing that seems

just way too funny…

me not being too sure

on how to take it

doesn’t know if its worth to tolerate,

so I stay on my toes

and throw her over my shoulders

like some sort of sashay,

she thinks I’m being kinky

takes it for four play

and says not on the first date,

not knowing it was flirtation

advised I don’t mix my dessert

with my main entrée,

I chased

my own tale

and then she went away,

so even with a walk off

it’s still not so bad

of a day,

just a little note to self

never bring a snack

to the buffet


The killer finally confirmed
That I’m not the chase,
Although confused at first
I shook off the shock from my face,
I admitted I was smitten
And that I’m but a basket case,
Who loves to run blindly
through out the afghanny streets..

Im Not looking for no trouble
But if I can have some pleasure
with the main objective of a business endeavor
Then I beg you please,
Play along
If just for a minute
Its promised to be amusing
And when ever your ready you can then retreat,
We only live For a moment
And I’m soon to hit deployment
So I wanna run
While I still have my feet,
If you want
We can do IT loud
Or remain conservative
And keep it discreet.

I’m not trying to Run you over
But It’d be fun to have a partner in crime,
To showcase blessing w/ evolution
And open up some eyes,
I see where I am at
And understand there’s land mines,
But if you have a moment
Lets moon walk & hope we blow up in time…