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Her, quiet distance

I’m soul curious,
As to
What’s go’in on
Up there?

I can only imagine
The view.

I climb
And I climb,

But the clouds
I wish to lay on,
Shift deeper
Into the queue.

I’ve figured out
A couple patterns,

But regardless
What’s down
In the valley,
Is all controlled
By you.

You may be swayed
Wherever the roads
Are paved,
But you follow
What you find as true.

My only worry is,
It takes a while
To walk those steps,

I’d hate to see
Where your mind
If your heart
Is askew.

In the land
Of black & white,

The emphasis
Of the sigh

Is but a

(Further more)

The warmest color
is blue.

Dream Catcher

Catch me
if you can
The angel said,

I believe there’s nothing
that I can’t
So off, right away iSped.

I chased.
Caught up
She stopped.
We stared.

My heart
full of longing
Her glare
with no cares.

All the more
Do I want
So All the more
Does she run,

A vicious cycle
But there I hoe
Like a moon
For the sun.

My problem
I just love
Too much…

I’m too extra,
And most can’t stand
TheRush …