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Free Fallin’

It’s like I
Have no control
Of my feelings
And what i do.

I jump out
With no safety net
Or idea
On what the landing will do.

Some live life
Overly Calculated
With no clue.

I’m doing this
Awkward off beat
Between the two.


If you don’t
Take a chance
There’s no telling
What will come through.


I once
Was in hot pursuit
Until I forgot
What I was looking for,
Brings differences
Once we start
Discussing what’s Mine And yours,
Brings happiness
After what’s left
Of what us Absorbs…

True to Thy Self

Can I be honest?

I felt like I havent done that completely,

The person that you know

isn’t necessarily that clingy,

it’s a defence mechanism used to be the good guy

so that the other person is the asshole for leaving,

truthfully I do in my core, love with all of me

but I’m not at the point right now, of settling,

I’ve gone to CostCo noticed the many things

and will not stop until I’ve tasted everything worth sampling,

Such is the case with a killer

I had hoped was going to be the death of me,

and out of “sheare randomness” she reached out

so what’d I do, I acted like “me”,

She’d ask what I’ve been up to

I’d speak of searching for love, knowing damn well that’ll push her away from me,

I want to be a respectful gentleman

and not like the passionate poet that tends to speak more abrasively,

I want her to be aware her that I can & will fulfill her in a way she hasn’t

completing her, by only using one part of me,

However I later figured that would too foward

but then I contemplate “what if” maybe that is what is needed to get the end result of “we”,

if only for a moment, since that’s all we have

where not really promised too many things,

the devil doesnt trick you into sin

with more than a few warning signs & give the luxury of bracing,

the greatest cooking is paced slowly but surely,

one should know the basics & respect what is worthy,

but we live in modern times which means there’s no order in which what can be on going with glory,

there’s an algorithm to life but calculating is sometimes boring,

my Dear Killer Cha if & when  you read this, this is fair warning,

If & when we engage you will be put to blissful agony that will make your desire’ss greed portly

I’ve come about things all wrong and if this is what it is to push you away then that’s what I get for not being 100 & snoring,

I want to go deeper

and explain how I want to be used,

but I don’t want to be too revealing

and give away too many clues,

on my home remedies, with movies & wine

and other methods of killing the blues,

I’m sure with your beauty

this isn’t surprising or of any news,

Be true to thy self

and indulge in what you’re wanting to.

That fast


Don’t you
F’ing move.
I tried playing nicely
all iT did Was prove,

That chances,
Like interceptions,
Aren’t given
Their taken.
Thus I myself
Have no time
For examples
Or wasting.

Lay away
With words
Like you
Cover up with paint,
Staring down
The barrel
Makes you think.

Turns one
Could of made
Is gone
Within a blink,
Needed to be said
Never had the chance
Because I couldn’t speak.

Decisions made
That fast
Have nothing
Left To grasp,
Then a momentary
Of hands
When they clasp,

Up to
One an other
Please Make
IT/this touch last,
The current has
Another agenda
Because IT is
Now past.

The Know knot

You know not my power
You know not my strength,
I hate the running
But I love the chase,
Is the sweetest taste,
The look on the face,
Of the witness
Of my prey,
It’s alright
It’s okay,
You figured me for stupid
But in theatre I brake a leg,
You can
Call IT luck
but i
Call IT grace,
The know not
Knew a knot
But couldn’t untie
The simple lace.

Raised this way


Some say that I’m a monster
Usually after they label me a threat,
Some would defend I’m born this way
But it’s actually more, how I was bred,
You could can make an angel a demon
If enough hate & envy have met,
I was shaped to lie kill and steal
Even though I’m sure that wasn’t gods intent



when thoughts comes to us

we need to say it


there’s somethings

so gnarly

its like having revelations

we need to write it down

before we forget iT

some times

all we have

is that/this one time

no matter how un intended

that/this tiny small fraction

is forever and ever inbeded

into souls

like roots


we need

to put down the pavement

so that others

can do their part

to spread iT

such break throughs

only happen