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Chasing tail

on a good day

nothing else

gets in the way,

but when

I’m left with my self

I tend to get in the mood to play,

cops and robbers

dogs and cats

angry crowds & eager thirsty Dj,

in the desperate need

to play the hero

and get an honest hooray,

then I wear my

communism hard hat

and I want everyone to obey,

but then a pretty bull fighting dancer

who wants to challenge

gets in my face and hollers “oley”,

tells me their not trying to run

they’ll stand right there

and just carefully survey,

because there’s something

that I’m doing that seems

just way too funny…

me not being too sure

on how to take it

doesn’t know if its worth to tolerate,

so I stay on my toes

and throw her over my shoulders

like some sort of sashay,

she thinks I’m being kinky

takes it for four play

and says not on the first date,

not knowing it was flirtation

advised I don’t mix my dessert

with my main entrée,

I chased

my own tale

and then she went away,

so even with a walk off

it’s still not so bad

of a day,

just a little note to self

never bring a snack

to the buffet

cats do what they want, dogs do what they can

cats they pur

and swing theyre tail left and right,

stay inside during the day

and hit the alleys late at night,

although homeward bound

they stay out like boxers fight,

until their too tired to keep on going

but they keep on swinging with all their might,

dogs they do

all that

they can,

if one thing

doesn’t work

then off to the other plan,

they’ll spend

all day

sniffing out bitches like the devil damns,

always looking for a place

to bury their bone

sometimes quick sand,

takes hold

of us all,

but we don’t

notice until we fall,

leaving those

left to crawl,

under the basement

stuck in the walls,

of understanding

and regulation,

thoughts of subordination

mixed with hesitation,

simple thoughts

and revelations,

iT is what iT is

why bother continue chasing?