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Light speed

Every bubble
blows right away.
“You come on too strong.”
Is what some people say.
I thought my problem was
there’s only so much time
In the day.
And I don’t know
For How long I’m going to stay

sinking down


I was


I am,

then thoughts

like rocks

sink into the waters

from the sand,


of needs

and wants

priorities in high demand,

sink me and we

into the deep


the damned,

we fight

we struggle

only pushing us further

from land,

my rough edges

make it harder

to take hold

and grab onto the soft hands,

of those

willing to save

most would rather

blow away like a fan,

 my pros are many

by my cons

start and end with

I am but a man,




sinking down





bubbles often pop

once the party has fully stopped

just as faith has often dropped

once an idea has unfortunately flopped

just cause the sea makes it rock

you can’t climb a mountain

until you’ve finally reached the top