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Best Buy

All I want is your hand
Hoping we can feel
Each others pulse.

Hopefully our
Magnets can zing
And you’ll need nothing else.

I haven’t much to give
Other than love,
Some would say its the greatest wealth.

Assuming we’re on
the same currency
I can quit making a fool of myself.

You Break IT, You Buy IT.

not always

is the customer always right,

and if you think your checks and balances are worth the  receipt

well then you must be in dire need of a fight,

there’s some things that you

just can’t put a label on or price,

no algorithm theory

of the beauty in the spirit or what is appealing to the eyes,

can match the stains and debt you leave

when you crush, because you break, you buy!

Stay away


Has my timing
Been off?
Or is the universe
Trying to tell me something?

So many times
Flash bangs go off
And The hurry says
“Nah, it’s nothing”.

Leaving nothing but
Over thinking
And soft spots
From the aggressive scrubbing.

So there must be
The unquenchable hypothetical wondering.

Wickedness around me


It smiles
It lies
It says what it wants,
Uses you
to abuse you
Until your purpose is done,
Some are alive
To bless
Others are, not so much,
A Woman’s scorn
Is the devils Open door
To do what ever he wants…
Love shouldn’t hurt
Unless its understanding
The concept,
To many
Opportunities pass
Trying to latch on and stop it,
Truth is
What it is
Believe not in the profit from prophets,
But in the raw
That even they
Must often box with…
If it didn’t work
Well Then my dear
It wasn’t meant for you,
Please don’t hold a grudge
For you
Know not, what you do,
Don’t Fuck with
The Lords children
What do you have to prove,
The all seeing eye
Sees it all
Chill out, it’ll take care of you…
I know right now
Your mad
And want to tear shit up,
Destroying somebody’s
Finances defiantly gives you
The pull and leg up,
But may the god
You claim to praise
Calm you down with a shake up,
Forrest fires
Could of been prevented
But that’s no longer where we’re stuck..
If power, money
And position
Seems to thrive your mission,
Then please believe
Real true love
Will be what is missing,
They say If you
Can’t Stand the heat
Then Get out of the kitchen,
Because with your intentions
Mind games & chosen routes
You kicking it with the wicked

yeah, um…

whats up with all the fuss

why is every one

soul sad?

im happy

with just my bottle

and a light burping pat on my back,

the big people

are being noisy

why are they all getting mad?

mammas always yelling

but im not to sure

who’s being bad,

I havent seen big brother

fatter of fact

where’s my dad?

the tv always has

happy families

in between all the ads,

is that whats happening here

are they going to commercial

 for just a tad?

while mama brings home

new different daddys every other weekend

like a celebrity changes fads,

I liked things

how it was

this definitely isn’t rad,


im learning as im going

from mammas clad wardrobe to being something that was “had”,

if only

i could think of something else

oh my (something shiny), look at that…


there no doubt

in the past


because it’s already come to pass,

things were chosen

over others

some with favor

some with bitterness, very crass,


are hurdled


stumbled upon paths,

some encounters

handled with elegance

some less than

showing class,

 not all people

are human

they either want to love

or run away after they smash,

not considering

the victims

that are left

once they’ve had,

their fill

leaving the other


well, that’s¬†just too bad,

you’re a product

of your environment


of your past,

a product

is only recognized

by their quality

price or brand,



became after

was no longer an obligation just a throw away task,

what the product


was no long worth

the calculation in math,

what she

was left with

were the broken pieces

from the aftermath,

chasing pavement

like a payment


to out weigh her sad,

some products

can cost a pretty penny


if the supply makes the demands

Look for IT

Look at where IT is

look at where IT takes you,

look at what IT wants

and see if IT wont chase you,

if not then IT

will find another way to tame you,

IT traps you in a corner

until IT makes  a breakthrough,

however long IT takes

IT will make ITs debut,

right on time

just like a curfew,

right on the spot

where IT tears & theres issues,

everything you thought

is nowhere near what IT knew,

exactly where to go

as if there’s only a few,

chosen is what you are

IT is like THE glue,

that protects & keeps the motor running

so that you can pursue,

everything that is right

so that you never have to redo,

the same mistakes over again

since now they appear see through,

yet you carry IT with you

permanently just like a tattoo,

nothing tacky or fake

ITs an honor ITs a virtue,

ITs a light you want to shine

so that others attract to you

Look at IT