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Reality Bites

She was ready for love.

Every night she prayed
& she cried for it….

He wasn’t,
she found out the hard way,

So he suffered
for it….

awkward movement

I think

its hilarious

and interesting

just how

the world



more arrogant

than the

elephant in the room

but my blunt

slowly burns,

like the opposite

of an anorexic


who fattened up/didn’t throw up

and little by little

developed curves,

and that


shows up

at the wrong time


‘what balls”

‘what nerve”,

I needed strength

on that date

she needed swav

I gave her a

half assed nerd,


with my self

a bitter creamy taste

self expired

and soft served,

oh well

I guess

I’ll go on

about my business

doing  the robot

as I

make my moves

 hitting these corners & curves,


to one day

I bump into  my fellow/matching

weird ass

dance around

to break the ice

type  of girl

Our Outlet

Not so random
& not so random
Are assured
When you confirm
Your now living
With your next,
Which will make it
A bit harder to sneak around
I love a challenge
But is this a warning or a test?
To let my gorilla grip go
And truly truly
Play the role
Of the gone far away forgotten ex.
How can you speak
To him of love
And some kids,
Then call me right up
Soon as he’s turned away
In the bed/strictly
For the company of sex,
While I don’t mind
I want mine
And I love hearing you sing
“you the best”,
Its that lonely
drive back
That has me feeling
Something in my chest,
Is it remorse
Is it hurt
Or the realization that
The dog never rests,
Is this possibly
Keeping me away
From something real
And finally building my nest,
But then I worry
Over thinking
With a cold helping side of stress,
That karma
Will show her fangs
As soon as I
Fall in love again.
Should we stop
It’s so good
And all I do
Is continue to repeat selfish benefit,
Is IT missing
Am I tired
Do i now
need IT,
I’m in that
State of mind
Where The search for truth
I soon forget,
Love is quickly
By Our on going
Climax mind blowing Outlet.
I went from
Holding the leash
To letting you go
To be the pet,
Else where I fear
To label once again
Since you do us
With no regret,
I’m inside you
While you lie to
He who’s loves you
Knows not, Lord Jesus,
Forgive me
For feeling
So entitled
To what I deleted,
I’ve been living
Too good
Is pay back
Taking its time to pay like a check?
So I choose To be alone
So I can’t get hurt
From sticking a fork
In to the electrical outlet,
Maybe it’s the shock
I need
To shake my demons
And finally let,
Be something I give not just kept,
I don’t know
I really don’t
Killer please kill me
So I can be SoulPapo again


As the ‘Pun saying goes

“I’m not a player

I just

crush a lot”,

and that’s only because

my heart

used to

get crushed a lot,

at first

fulfilling a void

that I thought

would surely fill and stop,

but it never did


that isn’t what

loves all about,

after meeting

a girl

who is beautiful

and bold,

who spoke out loud

of GOD

which naturally

tickled my soul,

gave me love

and brought me warmth

like eating chicken soup

when the outside is winter cold,

giving me

even more reason

to let go of ego

so that I can hold,


and only her

so I made it honest

and attached,

made it into

a relationship

since it all happened

so very fast,

she gave me

her body and her soul

before we ever

did the math,

hoping maybe

we’re on that “meant to be”

since we perfectly matched

but I jumped the gun committed and dealt rash,

with the others

who would

keep me company

on nights I’d be alone,

not responding

to their calls

or the text messages

that’d reach my phone,

I was keen

on being the good guy

so I told them

that I can’t, because it was wrong,

which rustled

a few feathers

since that’s what they

wanted all along,

the label

the status

of being in

a relationship,

that I honestly

never liked

but for some reason

this one really fit,

when it came

to our communicating

I’d go out of my way

just so that I could reply quick,

so eager

for her response

I felt like

a little kid,

the “lady friends”

of my past

were upset

I took the plunge,

for something

that with them

I had no

interest of,

I might have been

a little guilt ridden

since this girl

in her past had often been used up,

by guys

playing on her emotions 

with the basic mission

of busting a nut,

which in one stance

because of her ease and beauty

I would have also

been happy with,

I could have just as easily dined and dashed

but we connected so well

we both agreed

we didn’t want to call it quits,

but then

soon after

the layers peel and reveal

off with,

the truths

you uncover with time

bases you cover and habits

that might make you go bat shit…

now see, normally

im the type

to hang back

and wait for one to make the first move,

but I felt entitled

since this girl

seemed so smitten

by all that I do,

I tried

to do everything

that my previous’s

claimed I wouldn’t do,

texted and called

every chance I didn’t have

for pointless hello’s

to clingy “hey how do you do’s”,

I then


me and her

are both so a like,

she couldn’t

handle the pressure

of having to be there

every moment (when I called) when she just wanted her alone time,

which she

hardly ever had

since she is awfully used by her sisters

like cinderella in real life,

I laugh

at my self

because I was so willing

to change and put down my own ways of life,

to accommodate

for another

who didn’t bother (or at least from what I noticed)

but hey, at least I tried,


this girl at a party

she had me at hello

but she didn’t stop there

answering all my questions as soon as

they were received totally unaware

that subconsciously

we’re both playing a game of truth or double dare

our connection engulfing our attention

never letting go of the stare

that we kept entranced in

even when others tried to make the bottle spin

tossing in their lies

with some fuck ups I later on went on to admit

which added more fuel to the fire

that I was talking my self in

to but it ultimately show cased my honesty by the fin

which to her safely assured most of her doubts and was to her the best quality amongst men

to warriors with fresh cuts and battle wounds

the simplest of band-aids are the greatest commodity or at least in the top ten

once the rumors settled like the dust off the sandals

of raging wild Neanderthal men

in the fields of open pastures of soulless blood hounds hell-bent

on destroying what still has life

since for them it’s too late to repent

she still found her way safely into my arms

with not one  scuff or smudge on her pretty, little, black dress

The Next Move


is the loneliest number

so then

there was


not too sure

of the other

like what they’re like


what they like to do,

the need

for affection

and attention

is more than enough

to push them through,


of the box


of the comfort zone


of the daily queue,



has  so much to say


at the moment


is mute,



shys and

looks away

but now

her eyes

are stuck

like glue,

on to


which he



look away

either too,

 the awkward


now plays

its tune

for someone

to make

the next move


does she really think

that she is

who she

thinks she is?

ive gone

a couple of times

around the block

i don’t fall

for that

sort of jive spit,

i am man

no one can

take control

of this

sort of


but here i go

🙂 ‘ing


because I’m kind of



she sets up

her land mines

i see them

but instead of

stepping aside



walk past the wire

and trip,



now this

should be over

very soon


it’s just

way too


and plus

she’s way to bright

she’s way smarter than this,

is she going to

play her good cards

so soon



she is,

afternoon delight


mrs? nameless chick

you are

no lady dear to me

but you





but of course

not before

 getting in

your last

couple of hits,

attacking the character

that lured

you in


begin with,

i would like

some substance

some flavor

some, some, some zest,

what i

have not

in appearance

i assure you

i make up for

in “iT”,

looks be not

but damned

i love

if you are also

in love


my secrets,

then you can have the key

that is capable


 opening iT,


until then

which there wont be once

maybe i spoke to soon

can we do this again?