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Cash Inn Country

Like most love tales
It started
at a bar,

I was reentering
While She was busy outside
talking shit to the stars,

I walked in my date
And ran out To see
The Lone Queen,
With the scars…

That she kept
Well hid
But i am one who can see
Behind the walls,

Ready with her dukes up
I came at her
with a little bit of a charge,

Confessing feelings
While she
Laughed it all off
But I’m pretty damn sure
Entertained the thought,

Conversation furthered
So we went inside to
mingle with a couple
Other broads,

A Vibing energy
growing attraction
The more that we talk..

Both a little sloppy
But we’re saying exactly
What it is
That we want.

In octaves,
All for the name
Of love…

I can see
This lady full of life
Tries so hard,

Her physical needs
To make up
For the emotional

I was right behind her
Like I wanted to
Pay for the charge

But fast times
And Current events
Left her skirting off,

Oh woe
Is love
Stumbling outside
Of the bar….

Just around the corner


So close to home
Yet still
So, far

Is it to much
To ask
her, heart

at the end
But her soul
From the, start…

awkward movement

I think

its hilarious

and interesting

just how

the world



more arrogant

than the

elephant in the room

but my blunt

slowly burns,

like the opposite

of an anorexic


who fattened up/didn’t throw up

and little by little

developed curves,

and that


shows up

at the wrong time


‘what balls”

‘what nerve”,

I needed strength

on that date

she needed swav

I gave her a

half assed nerd,


with my self

a bitter creamy taste

self expired

and soft served,

oh well

I guess

I’ll go on

about my business

doing  the robot

as I

make my moves

 hitting these corners & curves,


to one day

I bump into  my fellow/matching

weird ass

dance around

to break the ice

type  of girl

The Girl WIth The Bow On Her Head

the week started

at such an inconvenience,

after what I assume was a drunk driver

hit my parked car leaving before I could witness their cameo appearance,

leaving me without a vehicle

relying on public transportation to get where I needed,

thus started my busking adventures

running into characters my wild imagination not desperately needed,

some adding to the stereo types

crack cocaine had often feeded,

others reigniting what my heart

had already forgotten and deleted,

something like the war somewhere back east

bombed out and depleted,

was my hope for love at first sight

then out of no where we had finally meeted,

sharing the same shaky metro

across from me was where she was seated,

me nervously unable to speak to her

a note in which I wrote in a hurry was what was needed,

to express my interest in her choice of the apparel she used to express herself

we thus then fourth proceeded,

to talk about our lives, common interests

asking way more questions than what was actually needed,

for a first time meeting

yet some how we proceeded,

until we arrived to our destination

which coincidentally is where we both have been living,

only a few blocks away but never knowing the other fiending

for a connections that was shared for a split second of gleaming,

when he had the courage to ask the girl with the bow on her head for a picture

and she used his phone to call her father to alert her nearing,

never to see each other again

until she retraced her steps and future windows opened up a bit more clearly

this girl at a party

she had me at hello

but she didn’t stop there

answering all my questions as soon as

they were received totally unaware

that subconsciously

we’re both playing a game of truth or double dare

our connection engulfing our attention

never letting go of the stare

that we kept entranced in

even when others tried to make the bottle spin

tossing in their lies

with some fuck ups I later on went on to admit

which added more fuel to the fire

that I was talking my self in

to but it ultimately show cased my honesty by the fin

which to her safely assured most of her doubts and was to her the best quality amongst men

to warriors with fresh cuts and battle wounds

the simplest of band-aids are the greatest commodity or at least in the top ten

once the rumors settled like the dust off the sandals

of raging wild Neanderthal men

in the fields of open pastures of soulless blood hounds hell-bent

on destroying what still has life

since for them it’s too late to repent

she still found her way safely into my arms

with not one  scuff or smudge on her pretty, little, black dress

sometimes i feel like… somebodys watching me…

On the run

from a love

who just

didn’t love enough,

held against

a sliding scale

with competition

that just doesn’t add or equal up,

yet somehow

still not the winner

am I too late

or is this some sort of cover up,

can obsession

be enough

to outweigh

whats for certain to double up?

I’d hate

to sound bitter


but what the fuck?

did the mystery

reveal too much

that you’d

rather not even touch,

don’t let

the reputation

ruin what you’ve perceived

because that in it self is very tough,

not many

can partially understand

let alone

even keep up,

others from the past

didn’t/don’t have a spec of your spunk


didn’t make the cut,

you flatter me

way beyond end

so im sure that couldn’t be why

yet still, I’m very stuck,

did the bitches

of girlfriends past

figure out

what I thought I subtlety snuck,

out by whispering

sweet nothings

 in the open

social network hoes aren’t as dumb as I thunk,

all that I do

is a foot print

and I do want you

to gather them clues and add ’em up,

I can be making

references to all

or I can be

pointing to only one…

Here’s looking at you kid