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soon as i opened up the door

I don’t know much

but that in which i do

usually stems

from the things that you do

the things that you show

and the results that seem to prove

your but a temptation made to mess with my head

so that my heart doesn’t push my soul through

your all that I’ve known

all that I’ve loved

although I’ve encountered others

they were just momentary fun

we’ve made it through the test of time

we’ve had a pretty good run

but I’ve gotten to the point

were I’m way past done

but then some how

you grab me wanting more

and i go from the top of the skies

to the board of the floor

were I cant move at all

because your holding me right where I was torn

opening my eyes

soon as I opened up the door

a note to a not so secret silent stalker

she wants to see

whats going on

for some reason

im a subject of interest,

never before have I gotten

so much of her attention

it must be because she’s either bored

or because my presence as of lately has been missing,

social networks

are the playground (sand box)

for acquaintances of yester year

to get around the tension,

that they chose

to ignore (such a selfish whore)

or refuse

to make amends with,

I can’t lie

I stepped away as well

from confrontation

just like they did,

it’s just that right now

more than ever

has reconnecting (reconciliation)

become such a temptation,

to interact with

feet that teeter tater’d/pitter patter’d

all over my back

while my heart remains in the air suspended,

im probably thinking

too much into it/ahead then

what my hard head

can keep up with/ continue  comprehending

inspiration revisited

oh me

oh my


your such a cunt,

as soon as I

forgot about you

with my daily day-to-day

you hit me with an upper cut,

I havent seen you

in a long minute

you were never one

for saying much,

I don’t know

if you’re wanting to

actually help me move forward

or just get me all riled up