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opposites attract

I don’t

get it

I really don’t


how one

can make “love”

to someone who

doesn’t comprehend,


twist and turns


supply and demand,

two different

walks of life

one glorious beast

with two backs,

it’s of lust

so inside

im aware

that its bad,

but this a

new demon

that I’ve never

ever battled with,

I’ve never been

so deep

so lost

so intimate,

the soul

off to the side

waiting for me

to take a  stand,

to get up and leave

but this feeling

has control of me

it wrapped around the neck,

starting with kisses there

then down

to the


then the digging 

of her claws

leaving scratches

on my back,

me lifting

tossing her

rag doll esq

she wants fight she gives a slap,

only enticing me

do go even deeper

to make her

lose wind/gasp,

she likes it

she loves it

im told not to stop

because she’s about to climax,

my god

my temptress

oh my

how opposites attract


You love me when you want to

I love you when I can,

we both hold on to what God gave us as a hostage

until the others complies with the demands,

that the other wants

wanting can f*** us pretty bad,

games are ment for children

yet here you are planning it out in advance,

so much cat and mouse

the cheese no longer fuses the same trance,

that it once lit the fuse of

its grown as stale as an uninspired square dance,

all this dosey doe

wields no more sort of romance,

if that ever was there to begin with

I no longer want to go into the darkness and take a chance,

birthing what the physical

couldn’t possibly intellectually or spiritually advance,

your as stubborn as al Qaeda

where’s the white flag?

What we see depends mainly on what we look for

im very much

the type

to wear

my heart

on my sleeve,

but im also

very capable

of endorsing

emotions with a

giant sign that reads

no vacancy,

the route

in which

I take

all depends

on what I seek,

if I want iT

I’ll go out

running naked

if not


is what

iT will be,

I get

quite confused

with the multiple

of things

that I think and see,

is this right here

ment for fun

or that right there

ment for longevity,

am I really

this much

in control

or am I

being filled

with a


that the other

is just going

along with

getting a

good laugh

at me,

look at how



can be

i dont know what i want

they say

you don’t know

what you have

until its gone,

I think

you don’t care

until someone has

what you didn’t want,

that’s the way

I feel about

my ex lady lover

who is now gone,

I didn’t do

all that I could of

and for that

I feel wrong,

but now

she’s doing better

and she is finally

moving on,

which is

what I wanted

for her

but now I don’t know what I want

governement cheese and government disease – a healthplan fix

this is one is for the birds

who can’t fend for them selves

who need the spoon feedings

since they’re not assisted by anybody else

they need our crumbs they need our constant support and help

or how else are we to lift the guilt up off the shoulders of our selves

sure we shave a lot a bit from the little bit off of the top

but that’s enough of a justification to make up for the cuts from the benefits of those we help