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Stir Crazy Prayer

Some things
Are way beyond our belief.

We aren’t meant
To understand.

But it’s
That very thing

That over drives
my mind

And makes
The hatter

I went to church
In hopes
some sort
of clarity,

I fell asleep
awaking in time
To hear
All that
I am guilty

I really
want to
too much,

Especially since
I fear it’ll push

I can’t
My own

And I
What I shouldn’t.

Going against
All that I believe,

Even after
I swore
That I

hide in the creep

we see the end

of the week

our hopes come out

disconnected we

go a million different places

wanting to be part of the

party that apparently

is being celebrated by everybody

the mushrooms has them seeing stars

and they’re going tunnel deep

hiding adult themes

into childish things

that we

better not speak

of or we will see

a deeper underlining

that will only creep


you say that I can’t

but I know that I can,

just because you don’t see IT

doesn’t mean I can’t believe it

because believing is all that is needed

so once my hearts hope feeds with

what my minds poison had almost completely  depleted,


A Message From A Distance

faith placed

on a fortune

that many others

have received before,

some we’re

able to connect

with whats its saying

because it’s what we need and more,

so it doesnt

take to long

for our wants

to absorb,


from the droplet

that the faucet

always seems to let go


made up

the universe is made up
of atoms-molecules -and light

its the mixture of them all
that brings inanimate objects to life

although distracted by their reflection
ours are long gone bye and bye in the night

having to grab and feel
like words describing to those that are blind

with enough sayings to over flow many novels
some phrases are used just to rhyme

taking away what holds them true
theyre tested tightly in a fight

if two go in, its 50/50
and only one of them can come out at the end and survive

dominance must be established
right away no wasting time

NOW like a starving serpent swiping a gazelle
it couldnt be witnessed by thine eyes

so is the illusions of slight of hand
we’re taken off the point we focused on when drawing lines

your words painted the picture
your souls intent helped shape and define

yet im still lost in that grasp that you have
because i can only see what ive seen with my eyes

all these pictures of happiness rainbows and smiles
get lost in translation with others frustrations and lies

the combination and possibilities of such things
drives one to insanity with the only escape, to end life

but the after taste of iT all leaves me with a hope
that its more than just more than logical
iT’d actually be really nice

all is vanity

i am but a slave

in this world, in this economy,

with the beliefs that fill me with guilt

to the views on what i think is wrong with me,

i am but a slave

to my wants,  to this society,

on what is commercially accepted

whats is pussy foot & what is put way too bluntly,

i am but a slave

to this greedy ass monopoly,

i slave the entire week just to try to rest the on weekend

so i can do all again and on to debt and pay for i hate very strongly

Those who stand for nothing fall for anything.

all the way inside

past all the blood and the guts

way beyond the bull shit

all the flesh and all the scruff

we have something that motivates

contemplates and spiritually moves us

where we have to take a stand

or let them stand all over us

while our brothers die & our sisters cry

when is our enough ENOUGH

until we actually do something

and quit leaving it up to luck

if we don’t have something to believe in

we’ll fall for which ever bluff

those who stand for nothing

fall for anything/by then/ the response will be “that’s tough”