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Seven times a woman: Don’t Ask Don’t Tell

If I don’t judge you,
Then don’t don’t judge me.

Which is a little difficult,
Since I automatically
label everything
that I see.

There’s always
a motive at hand,
& Lord save the damned
Oh woe for those that can’t see .

The Media and followers
Have burned the image,
Of lust being
the save all
like its something that’s fat free.

Making it apparent
That love is a pointless
obstacle, as a glutton filled waste of a calorie!

Which is sad
Because that’s what
these hoes breathe.

Injecting and digesting
False pretenses
& endlessly
mixed feelings.

Do you call something by its name,
when you see thats it’s disguised?

Is that a heads up to be discreet?

On route for Peach

Are hardly never
Pipe dreams

However becoming overly confident
In its seamlessness
Can make it hard to stay fit
For the routine.

Devil In a New Dress…Tip toeing not so siliently…

she arrived in all white


stealing the room of all eyes

they would follow she…

who is questioned of being an attention whore

well possibly…

but in honesty

her modesty

was never ever a question

however when questioned

she would laugh it off


You can see the devil in her eyes

and quite frankly


 frightened me…

because this wicked woman

can do whatever with whom ever she wants

and like the 8 ball in the close left corner pocket

she has gotten me…

with my guard and pants down

while on top of  my lap like a saddle she is riding me…

similar to flies to shit & bees to honey

hoes to money

with want & have

 there is no, stopping me…


would take the full strength of Christ

to push this bountiful beauty of flesh

up off of me…

Lord may your will be done

because my will is having fun

and right now my legs can not run

so please pardon me…

Heal me of my weakness

that sin has seemed to clog up like an artery…


I am more than just fond of thee,

but this little thing

that is fondling…

has a gorilla grip

damn that dress

& all other things

that has taken over me not so silently

not so vain


is difficult to be,

there is so many angles

that one can perceive,

on one side this is this

and on the other that can be,

very further & farther from the truth

yet we take what we see,

satisfy our sweet tooth

and let the sugar bleed,

over our throats

out from between the teeth,

wants satisfy what is of the moment

and what we think we need,

food for thought an after thought

what is given is considered as an option or something ment to be,

if something is hungry

does it default it as something deserving to feed?

if my blood can provide

should I be the one to leak,

how much do I give

if they wont stop milking from the teet,

one can use the hand to swat away

or further embrace the teething,

its odd one could be

soul thoughtful and giving,

when others wont do the same

evil meek and lame will not speak,

although fueling others

just the same I am weak,

I need I need I need

but my God wont let IT be…

The Cha-Cha dancing Killer

I’ve seen
many a killer
Dead square
in the eyes,
Not just once
I’ve had the pleasure
Damn near
a couple of times,
However this time
It doesn’t appear
there’s going to be a crime,
Except for the displeasure
Of not making
this killer mine.
This killer is beautiful
And Elegantly Divine
One to count their steps
Yet a free spirit/A real spice of life.
I’ve been in of the presence
Of those in her profession
But never so stealth
In my own skin yet somehow its still a disguise.
We are both
aware of the other
But she’s the one
that’s easy On the eyes,
Her advantages
Are great
And I
Can only be mindful of my replies.
I quickly ponder on how
I can ball and chain/arrest this killer
But then I hit myself with the question why?
If God designed us to be
A repeat of our history
And I my self
Have been killed many a time.
Is IT destiny
For this to be the death of me
Since Every
Death Is but a way to redefine,
is this the blessing Of evolution
My reason and constitution
To bare knuckle brawl
And have her
as my inspiration
to finally become Alive!?!

A Dragon She Is

her spirit is

something that

grabs me

and pulls me,

through the walls of the  halls

in the castle

that has kept her protected

from all that is  alluring,

empowering her

to handle

the wrong that

glued the,

mouths of multiple others like

peanut butter

leaving finger prints

hardly ever soothing,

the pain

in her eyes

has grown cold

she is no longer young & foolish,

now she

in her ways

in her silence

is putting me through this,


of emotions

feelings I thought

had matured with,

my own demon inside

but it is no match

for what is


She is

She is


that’s an




she could be

a figment of my imagination,

but that

can’t be true

ive heard a distinctive voice

and the mist of her presence I have surely tasted,


that is forever

burned onto my tongue

that has me forever and ever chasing,

her shadow

can’t even keep up

it does no justice

to her body’s tracing,

she dares not

wear any brands

because there is no room

for any sort of product placement,

 her actions

and my beliefs

are perfectly


her body

is GOD’s temple

and i want to be in iT

for ever glorifying & praising,

she is


that is

an understatement