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The All Seeing Death

I can’t lie

 I’ve accepted,

The madness

That slowly incepted,

 There’s so much

 That I don’t wanna stress it,

So I unwrap


and injected,

 All the poisons

I thought

Would replenish,

 All my


 Whip ins,

Hurting so bad

I Won’t stop

Till it finish,


To a terrorist


 I’m so many man

And I need

 me A witness,

 O lord

There’s about to be

Some killings,

I can smell

the sweat

From the thick of the tension,

Here I am


 in suspension…

a voice says


ain’t your fight

Carry on,

To the


Of the


Bring all your


 This is going to be a


Knifes need

to pierce quick

 Best sharpen up

your swords,

A bible

for a shield

And the weapon

is the word,

What is your

 bare fist

Going to do

against a swarm?,

 of Ice cold hearts

that Stand strong


the warm,


Turn up The heat


need to be torn,

Against actions

 that laid back

With our oaths

that were sworn,

We need

a re-doing

Weve done been

Re born,

Because what we’ve been

stuck in


Cleaning up the source,


 only fueling

And causing

more & more,


From the pure

 that’s already

been torn,

And what about

the child

That we’ve

already bore?,

It’s far

too late

For the simple

 to ignore,

 It’s either

do it right now


 mother fucker hit the floor…

Hell hath no fury


hath no fury

like hearts don’t bleed

when they get torn,

does gobs of honey

on anything

not call out the bees

in massive swarms,

if you kill

my love

in vengeance

will I not of sworn?

to destroy


that you


does greed

not want

when there is

just a little bit more?


how much more

when there is

no more?


a thin line

from a curious scratch

to a premeditated reason to explore,

step over

the boundaries

and like the bull

you’ll get the horns,


is a beast

and that  bear skin rug

is ironically worn


Whats the 411

whats the gossip?!

the word down the cubicle

is always THE hot topic,

there’s some things you don’t need or want to know

but you can’t help it, you can’t stop it,

the hens will be a’cluck’in

and the babbling brooks will be on top of it,

the only problem is

how far is too far and when will they quit,

the closest of friends play around

(only) accidentally revealing secrets,

much like a wild-fire

IT will spread once it catches wind,

 no body wants to admit fault

either from shame or embarrassment, blame the participants,

spoon-feeding the upper aboves on whats going on

since their all sucking on the tit,

throwing out your name

to get them selves out of their own shit,

from Betty to Bobby

their all wearing  the same shade of lip stick,

specifically made for sucking d***

that old vintage/classic shade of bitch,

maybe its cover girl

maybe its maybelline or plain ol’ snitch,

so much behind the back talking

oh how it has evolved form accidental to “for profit”,

and its all done

with the most convincingly



To fear love is to fear life, and those who fear life are already three parts dead.

I can’t watch

I don’t wanna see,

I feel like ive been here before

in a  place I don’t wanna be,

the soldiers of my heart

lay restless as they bleed,

the medics of my mind

distract but eventually loose reach,

becoming overwhelmed with them selves

and the flashbacks running around on tired feet,

 my soul is getting thirsty

while my ego just wants to feed,

I want so bad to be loved again

but shell shock of the past reminds me of the reality,

with an old record player playing over and over in the background

with hit songs of the 70’s,

reminding me again &  again

how love hurts and how love stings,

iT has left me scarred beyond imagination

even the walls of my heart were left a banded with only half ass’d graffiti,

will I ever love again

I don’t know, I guess, we’ll see,

am I deserving of iT?

 (now) that remains to be seen,

will I continue to hope?


having to wait… is one thing i hate…

patience is a virtue

and its also hard to find

in a person because it hurts you

who can’t do what said person is use to all the time

its selfish to be mad at a curfew

but what i do best is wine

what i hate is being without you

and recently that seems like most of the time

what iSeek

what i give



what i seek,

what i want



what i need,


praising idols

which does nothing

for me,

to want to

stick around

instead of

increasing speed,

to let out

as fast as


or possibly,

shake & change

the world

that i have

around me,


is hearing

but nobody

is listening,

or just


they havent heard

from the right tree,

that gives

the proper shade

that spreads

the proper seeds,

i’ll be looking

for you

at the harvest


we’ll both be


and ready

what we need,

what i give

is exactly



my real

My visions are so vivid and real

I don’t even know how to explain,

What I first understood

Now doesn’t even seem close to the same,

Why attempt anything

If that anything doesn’t have anything to gain,

Gravitating into drama

Looks like stupid raped insane…

I fell off my boat

At the time I never swam,

Stuck doing back strokes

Like a dog paddling to land,

No one wanted to help

But every body wanted to laugh,

If you were really my friends

You would have jumped in for my ass…

Now that I really see them

I know were they stand,

Wouldn’t I be a fool

To go and do it again,

Love says to forgive’em

And I’m all cool with that,

But I aint fucking wit’em

Even if I double strap..

Lord here I am (“:”)

Please let me truly live,

I don’t want to fall

Into her clutches again,

Sexy temptations

Are so pleasing/appealing to men,

I want something pure

I don’t like where this hoes been…

True love is so real

It’s just hard to believe it exist,

It’s so rare I remember

Being blessed up in its mist,

Fake shit covers its face

So we forget which one is which,

But there isn’t anything sweeter
then a rough soft kiss…