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Catch me if you can


Sweet touches.

Why must you

Fight me away.

I want

What you want.

We shouldn’t have to go

Into endless loops

Just for the hopes

Of being able

To be

on the exact same page.

– Yet we do.

Back & Fourth

If my mind ponders
Then my heart yearns.
If I don’t get what I want
Then the desire just burns,
Deeper into my soul
More ingrained w/every turn,
Oh how the wait and anticipation
Slowly folds & tortures. .

Noggin Go Boom

Is never ending
As is the feud
My mind

The flesh
In good conscious
Usually come
In ample time

Some like it hot
And others
Prefer water
over low priced
sugary wine

What Keeps one sane
Also cleans
Out the residue of shit
That is left behind
carless lies

Fine Cone Courtesy

don’t let your somewhat

pretty face


common courtesy,

because everything


goes to waste

looks are no currency,

like an ice cream

in the Arizona heat

it will melt

and if it does before I taste it, what good is it to me?,

 don’t be a cunt

my dear

you are one of the few I like

be a pal be a chum be a  homie,

if you take a shit

then you wipe your ass

don’t put my draws on

stain them up and then without washing them give them back to me, 

there’s only so much

I can’t put up with

but common sense & courtesy isnt erased

with much you are sultry & curvy


You love me when you want to

I love you when I can,

we both hold on to what God gave us as a hostage

until the others complies with the demands,

that the other wants

wanting can f*** us pretty bad,

games are ment for children

yet here you are planning it out in advance,

so much cat and mouse

the cheese no longer fuses the same trance,

that it once lit the fuse of

its grown as stale as an uninspired square dance,

all this dosey doe

wields no more sort of romance,

if that ever was there to begin with

I no longer want to go into the darkness and take a chance,

birthing what the physical

couldn’t possibly intellectually or spiritually advance,

your as stubborn as al Qaeda

where’s the white flag?

curiosity killed the cat

the dog

chased the cat

the cat

played along

then the dog

went a different route

when he realized

iT’d take too long

the cat

was only interested

because she thought

she could string him along

but at the end

of the day

the dog

only wanted to bury his bone