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Buy Me Love

Will lure,
The heart
Will see…

Intentions with gut feelings
So sure,
It’s no wonder why
We hurt so deep…

You can take & keep
Your cure,
The pain as a reminder
Actually soothes me…

The price
Of your couture,
Is sufficient
For all your suffering…

How iT appears


may appear closer

when held up

against the glass,

visions a bit


when your inside

is full of wrath,

others will measure

what you amount to

when hunting down

like fast math,

no matter what the signs say

the horizon is never too far away

because this too shall pass

and the rain storm, no matter how hard, never does last


there’s so much more out there/ we have no idea

and barely have a starting point on where to compare,

iTs 4 times our size

but we’re to self obsessed to grasp what that can mean or even care,

it more likely than not has life on it

I wonder if they’ve treated it the same way we’ve done here,

like drilling in and out of it

to gain materials that pollute its own air

600 light years away and we’re still a life time or two away

from being able to reach out and take away or try to pawn and  sell, 

the wonders that can be answered

once we evolve out of our ever-growing shell,

is this the new earth the bible spoke of

or one similar to us in the death race towards hell,

are they smarter and stronger than us?

are they also already to big for their bridges fighting embracing their snare?

or has their gravity drought them down

to where their humble and share?

shoo away


but here

any place

will do,

slap me

gift wrap me

up-stream/down the river

just say shoo,

im waiting

for it

I’ve been expecting it

I see it in the queue,


to wait

is what has me

all bent up and confused,


for the best


what I’m so use to,

my eye lids

grow heavy

tears have no room

for “its too soon”,

these walls

are empty

their plain

making it all the more blue,

the scenery

is bland

my “once” moments are what use to be “had”

and that part is true,

if we don’t

learn from the past

what else

can the future prove,

if sadness

is all that re-occurs

give me

something new,

if you love

the way I lie

then my dear

it seems like you have something to prove,

what ever you’re trying

to change

is not for you

to change into,

it’s strategically


for you’s and yours

to consume,

in jest


and somehow from that

device/avoid your doom,

we’ve made

our mess

so now here’s

the broom,

I rather you

not say a thing

or if you do

carefully choose,

what words

you’ll win with


is  a matter of win or lose,

take me home

anywhere away from here

or please with the up most respect


You Cant Stop My ShiNE pt2

ive done my things

ive done my dirt

& yes they have scar’d

yes they have hurt

but I cant let that be

reason to continue being a jerk

I have to shake IT off

& dust off my self

do what I can

with the cards that im dealt

look towards the sky

far away from my self

hoping I can stop “that”

from happening to anybody else

I cant stop the feelings

that seem to others soul appealing

I just hope I can spark

at least a little bit of peeling,

from the onions of your heart

that makes your eyes water & cry & fall apart

soul you realize every bad thing

just keeps you lost in control of the dark