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A little birdie told me

news sure does

travel fast

especially when its juicy

even more when its something slightly tilted/exaggerated & bad,

“did you hear about what so and so did?”

“oh yeah, I heard she was mad”,

a lie is more appealing to the heart of the  eye

so of course embellishment is going to enrich it just a tad,

like a snowball effect down a mountain

it gets even bigger every go around like a reoccurring fad,

so once the news hits them over the head

how can one keep self-contained and not get a little mad?

 “word on the tweet is you had a crazy weekend”

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to all my exes still stuck on my sweetness

If you can take a Richard then you can take a joke, my dear quit being such a pessimistic fag 

Comparison Tears

Just like

a time line

Every moment

has its season,

Every cause

has its effect

& every tear

has its reason,

there are tears that

can be of joy


there are tears that

can also be those of treason,

Theres ones that we hold dear

& others dethroned because

iT seemed like

iT had no meaning,

im a bargain hunter

with a bleeding heart

& soft spot for things

that look bombed out & depleted,

if I’m that hopeful

how much more so

is God steadfastness love

for his little repenting heathens,