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Software Issues

I’m never at
A loss for words,

Unless I’m so consumed
And I can’t comprehend
The verbs,

That are needed
To get
my point
Across the curve.

are my feelings
For wanting
What they don’t deserve.

I digress
Ignoring the screams
That beat through my chest,

Causing outages
Leaving the mind,
Unable to rest,

Craving for her connection
Because of the rarity
That satisfies my obsessiveness.

iN Passion iGo

its cold

out side

I want to be

in the warm,

I want to be

of love

where our souls

can take form,

grab ahold

of each other

choke to death

and not let go,

a bad romance

in a trance

forever going with

the flow,

I want the fights

the tears

the make up

the “after” glow,

the not being able

to live

without the other

I want the whole show,

God has blessed me with choices

& The devil saw iT fit

to tempt me with

detours with quicker roads,

so I take

what I can get

because iN passion



more than that


authentic the really real,


to be able to show my colors

and let the other

know exactly how I feel,

I’m tired

of being in character

so that I don’t hurt my self

with things that I feel,

My passion

has driven me blind

where the “Go”

has no substance to its appeal,

no push to the kart

what is passion

if not the push

with the flamboyant zeal,

all my excitement

in the world

holds nothing


to Love

because Love

is not of IT

its of the spirit its REAL,

everything else

is but the motions

and I’m learning

how to deal

The Fight inbetween the seams

I’m very much a lover

more so than a fighter

so the soul of writer

is stuck in between the wire

of being a safe distance away

and butt naked next to desire

looking at truth straight in the eyes

and calling her a liar

which he knows will inflame

and make her inquire

of a way to get even

until its blood that he perspires

which only engages him

to go out and inquire

a reason and/or excuse

to pour gasoline over a lit lighter

knowing the outcome

it’s a self destruct/self-defense mechanism insider,

the repetitiveness is finally showing its age

and both seem very tired,

stuck in the middle with our intentions and actions

while the devil laughs and admires

For The Moment

You got

the general direction

of my eyes

you have

my attention,

im going to

recline back

and see

what you do

 with iT..

I don’t like

having to

go out of my way,

so I hope

you don’t


going too far astray,

but if that’s

what you expect

then I

wish you

a good day