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getting around


is one feeling

I don’t intend

on passing on,

but I can’t help

the role I play

if I’m not

floating on a cloud,

I carry heavy weight


that wont

allow me to carry on,

my god took them away

but I picked them back up

as soon as I felt



can handle this

this is only

but a kiss,

if cupid



may she miss,

I don’t know

if I’m ready

to just

up and quit,

I just


the power of my words

oh how passion stems from the lips,

my dear if you

lay lifeless

understand its just shock

in time you’ll get over this


why are the signs so LOUD

how does IT feel so vivid,

my mind acts as if it’s not REAL

im soul stuck to the IMAGE,

that’s been deeply embedded by a FIRE

that I ALONE can’t extinguish,

my Van Gogh means nothing

if the ear I gave you wasnt used to HEAR with

i cant hide it

like a sneeze

I feel IT before IT happens,

I see IT coming right for me

but there just isn’t any way to grab IT,

i snap my fingers & dag nabbit

to come to think I almost had IT,

going from slow motion then pressing play

to all of a sudden rushing through the grand rapids..

we don’t know the time of day

something crazy can take place,

there isn’t no insurance we can sign with

or protection that we can plan to pay,

when something is coming it’s coming

and we need to move with or get out-of-the-way,

usually throwing down/connecting with

all the others that thought the same…

so back in the cycle again

they say the 3rd time is really the charm,

im running with banged up legs

and swinging with bruising arms,

im not wanting to make a scene

but there isn’t subtlety in calling for an alarm,

so if you get me then you get me

and you can get to moving the fuck along….