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what im trying not to do


what I aim to do

and my end result

seem to be

two different things,

what my heart wants

and my body gets

hardly ever falls

into the in between,

over the edge

way across

over the fence

it seems to lean,

scared of where

the ball will bounce

keeps me on call

scared to leave,

so like an addict

once I catch a whiff

my senses lock

and I tend to cling,

my heart goes blind

my mind rewinds

my body’s numb

and I feel not a thing,

so as if an option

I bob my head to opt in

an engagement

I have no way of controlling,

I go with the wind

slip streaming once momentum begins

not landing where I calculate

but getting where is needed

then the end

how high

how high can you get

how high are you wanting to go,

is your high sparked with a flame

or can you harness iT deep inside/&/ below,

every thing the world cherishes are you all material?

or do you have integrity of the soul,

do you do because you want

or because you have no self-control