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The Demons We Know & Love

We all fuss,
We all fight.
Sometimes in a rush,
Sometimes outta spite.
Usually because
entitled we recite.
Allowing the hurt we endure
Kept alive & just ripe.
The beast on its toes
We entice through the night.
Questioning the weakness
That is now
Only After
a swing & a bite.

Back To The Future

Do you not
Before you act?

Of course
I do…

So much so
In fact,

I Over think
& exaggerate
What could be true!…

My heart
Like a sad

Is packed
As a lunch
For only two…

To a sand

It doesn’t
Have to
Involve you…

It can

It’ll settle since
I Am a lonely fool…

By the endless
And the exact,

Being so many
Steps ahead
Makes an oxymoron
Of my powerful tool…

The tongue can bless many
Or damn,

I try my hardest
Not to

Back to the future
I slap,

The nonsense
My mind
Shows & proves…

Even when I’m wrong
I’m right,

Because I aim to win
Where ever
The direction pulls…

shadow approaching

there’s no way

to get away

when the better part of the day

has gone ahead and been slayed

not by the means of the mean/but by the time and retreating sun rays

now all that remains

is a little corner with no shade

and although never wanting to be burned/ I’ve grown accustomed to what I’ve paved

and the memory of what once was/now quickly fades

so I stand where I stand/and for no reason/just…. wait….

On the fence

in this modern-day

of technology

recognition can be,


 as loud as a tag

as discrete as someone

speaking metaphorically..


to be of courage

and a spiritual lover

apparently now

is so outdated,

we can’t stand for the unknown

we want only right now

and we will make a fit

as if we never have waited…


things are so instant

entitlements are self approved,

a kinky text at midnight

is considered todays candle light dinner for two…


there’s so many things

that people get a way with,

does love not deserve to be faithful

or is okay for understandings to be played with?



I’m hanging out

on the side of the  fence,

I’ve been hurt before

and I’ve guarded my heart

every chance that I get…


Am I denying my self-love?

I don’t know, its possible…

But I’d rather have a gun pulled out in front of my eyes

then be shot with a blind fold…

she waited

with the times like they are

not many are willing to travel very far

to accommodate for another

unless they’re directly benefiting from the war

that they themselves are not battling

so how can understanding even be sub par

but she wanted so she waited

now my heart for her is ajar