Time Tickin/Last Laugh-Inn

how can time

just slip so fast,

leaving me in the rear

starin back at the past,

didnt i just have IT

in the palm of my grasp,

in shock

i gasp,

how can i go from first

all the way to last,


i blast,

further into the future

for a righteous path,

i cant alow the enemy

a second to chance,

i was created for good

not to fuck IT in wrath,

lord give me light

so they can kiss our ass,



The war isnt over

lets see whos the last to laugh,

being ONE UP’d

once its to late to react..


Hello world! Happy New Year (2010)

The names Papo,

And depending on the situation and/or surroundings, we’re not able to fully express our selves the way we truly feel. especially if fear or intimidation try to show face and “shake shit up”. So what I’ve decided to do, is start this blog in hopes to appeal to others, the loves & joys of what appeals to me.

I’m very much a “nerd” of many layers. I geek out for what ever tickles me. I can be making a beat, and get lost in a loop, that makes me want to jump around like a fish out of water,  just because i was “feeling it”. Every true nerd recites some sort of movie dialogue, I my self-reference anything from Scarface to Clerks. I seriously don’t believe any one can out talk me, even at my worst. So if going “tit-4-tat” is your game, then we can play for a mighty long time.

Every one wants to talk about whats on their mind, and hope people can relate. As a society we look for confirmation & acceptance. In that case im no different, but i pray that i don’t get fixated on those that i cant touch. I believe that im so off the wall with “IT”, that i have to be able to bring you in some how (or why else would i have so many split personalities? -j/k). If you ask anyone whats going on, and they’re open/wanting to release (not shy), they wont hesitate to speak their peace and/or discrepancy.

With this New Year being one of Hope for THE better, lets not forget about Faith & Love. I hope we all set goals, that not only keep us strong in faith to achieve them, but also to connect with the Love of a “hyer” sense then ever before, so we can keep the world going around. Keep an eye out for my observations, poems, queries, tweets & all around random shit.

Much love & blessing to everyone.