some can only carry what their hands can hold

just how some can only feel safe in the feeling that they fold

what people hide away only adds to the mold

of what becomes confortable creating habits of old

but if you want to break free you have to let go


You Have IT

I wouldn’t

say IT

if IT wasnt

in my heart,

I wouldn’t

play IT

if I didn’t

know the part,

just like

a crazy fever

you got me

going off the charts,

with an exciting


that has me dizzy

on where to start,

which gets me


never wanting to


it took

a good while

for my love

to finally thwart,

out of the ice

that the past

has left lonely

in the dark.


so happy

for what the future

will allow me to embark,

I’m just


what I feel

in my heart



every day

I am


every night

I am


if I hold my breath

for too long

I get dizzy & turn blue,

if I

get hit

my soft spots slowly becomes bruised,

so when I

get lost – I get lost

& stumble around for truth,

which more often times then not

leaves me with

more things too busy to do,

wrongs needing a fix

and me

with something to prove,

always shaking me up

back and forth

whether or not I want to,

which once again

brings me back

with tired exhausted arms open for you


like dominoes

I must hit

whats in front

to connect

to the next,

I can’t

go forward

if I don’t

take the 1st step,

into the


im trying

to go in,

the mind

worries on opposites

but I’m so attracted

to IT

(like magnets)



when love

is abundant

you feel IT

pouring through the walls,

you want IT

to take ITs time

so instead of running

you crawl,

in hopes

that IT slowly

eases in

with every sigh

of a call,

not wanting


to go away

you stay put


utter awe..


GoodBye Stranger

Goodbye my

lady dear

i wish i really

really knew thee,


of your history

so this could

roll on smoothly,

but i guess

nothing is worth


if it comes

to easy,

i like a bit

of a challenge

but not if

it doesn’t appease me,

so just

like lil’ weezy

i say dumb stuff

and then dip out,

in hopes

that it leaves

a tiny taste

of mystery

inside your mouth,

i hope you like

the GoodBook

cause please believe

God squashes doubt,

but if im barking

up the wrong tree

the i guess

ill go a different route,

i hate

losing ground

but im not one

for counting loses,

as long

as i got

your attention

im going to keep

on tossing,

the hacky sack

of tit for tat

with effects

that start with causes,

I’ve been told

that my talkin

is known to make

some people nauseous,

but even that

only makes me


with an urgency

to aid,

some how to access

your release of stress

every hurt

and every ache,

im speaking

with pure truth

please believe

im not being fake,

i pinky swear

my love goes there

but it seems

like im too late,

GoodBye Stranger








we think things

into existence,

1st comes the thought

then comes its meaning,

if its thought out

then belief into is then instant,

whether a savior or sickness

the WORD starts at the beginning.




what do you believe in?



im such

a sucker

for the beauty

of The fair skin,

they have

different shades

that they stay

well with in,

every freckle

every curve

every precious

pixel inch,

drive in me

a certain crazy


type of itch..

God Blessed IT

something special

my lady

your royalty,

ill put my shirt

over a puddle

just so you

can remain clean,

taking a bullet

for my

fair skin

Lady of a queen,

isn’t considered

a sacrifice

since it’d be mandatory

for such a heavenly being..

the colors

that you change


the setting of your mood,

you can be

as red as fire

when your angry

howling at the moon,

or crazy pale

when your sad

some call it blue,

 either way

my dear

im in love

with everything you do..


lady love

lady dear


oh how

you have my heart,

I can turn

I can change

but we will only drift

further & farther apart,

from different teams

and out of different leagues

oh how im fucked

right from the start,

you’re so fine

elegantly divine

my feeble mind

can only play a part,

of what seems

 like your regime

of mind games

with flaming darts,

here I AM

taking hits

hoping to get

back int to the start,

of where it is

that you’ve been

and how you been bruised

all around your heart,

so you do

what you do

to cushion the fall

of where it use to smart,

now your skin

is tougher than

pad locks

with alarms that bark,

im trying

to dig in

and kiss bruises

farther away than far,

in a land

of make-believe

so it seems like a nightmare

is all it was,

but you fight

every night

by your self

on the bus,

that goes around

and around

the circuit

of hot fuss,

either way

im here to stay

to live & pray that you aren’t prey

of an ambush bum rush,

of a reality

that isn’t pretty

never relieving

just setting hopes in whats up above,

that’s who you are

lady dear

my fair


 I can’t stop

I wont stop

praising your

gentle touch,

what felt like

hell before

right now

doesn’t hurt so much,

so here I go

back in the flow

and the public show

of what is LOVE,

kudos to you

my heart




deep down i know

Hey Love

are you

looking for,

what it is

that I AM

looking for…

Because if you are

then id like

to explore,

the deepest


of your soul,

to kiss

& heal

every sore,

so every hurt

never hurts you

any more..

Woe to the silence

in your eyes

that says galore,

which really really

makes me

want you/ even more,

making these things

that I feel

(of the soul) irresistable,

but the one thing

that I love

I cant control,

so I’ll just have to

wait here

un-till you go,

to a place

where my love

wont be ignored,

ill wait

& I’ll wait

for the “impossible”,

cause whats ment to be

is ment to be

& deep down I know


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