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Mama plz



All that I want
Is to play in the garden 
Of your warmth 
And your love,
Run through the lilies 
Making wishes
Off of the daisies
While Escaping the sun, 
Then once I’m done
And I’ve had me 
My little bit
Of fun,
I can be calm 
In my loneliness
Until my heart & cravings
Can no longer carry 
By the tons.  

Mean Girls

It’s soul hard
To stay quiet,
Waiting for the moment,
To find others
Just like your own.

I can’t help
But show
My antennas,
Just in case
There’s others
Out there too timid,
Trying to
Phone home.

My urban folk
Call it
“showin’ yo ass”
I believe
You’re not
completely honest,
Unless you can be
A little vulnerable.

Most sheep
Don’t have the luxury
Of catching a wolf,
Showing off its fangs
(Which may be reckless, but)
Romans 11:36
Has me pointing at my throat.