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mommy grow up

you give life

you nurture

you keep us warm with your hugs,

we mimic your walk

your talk

you show us how to love,

but no matter

what your age is

you can’t hide your dumb,

no disrespect to you my dear

but you should be

smarter than your young,

searching for comfort

is something you wouldn’t want us

to be coming down from,

 why deviate your septum

 or numb your

gums with your tongue,

spending the rent money

on what you tell my baby sister

is bread crumbs,

how can you give it up to god

if your still holding a dollar bill

breaking it up,

i know its been a while

since you smiled

and the road seems tough,

but when you have nothing

to your name

when is enough really enough,

your own mom

wont always be there

to cover up your funk,

bringing too much

un fair pressure

on me who is your son,

dreading the day

that i have to take of

my mom

who just wont

grow up….

like a little kid

like riding a bike

it all comes back again,

first in the thought

then the sudden rush comes second,

could it be im falling in love

or am i just trippin,

i look for it on every corner

it might just be over exhaustion..

so un sure

of what it is i feel,

i know that its different

so it definitely has its appeal,

im the type to do pros & cons

trying to conjure up a deal,

if it’s too soon or illegitimate

and contemplation if it’s for real…

so like a kid

i feel butterflies,

from a cocoon

evolving with the battering of the eyes,

soft tenors of the voice

has me memorized,

if this is false

then like I kid I’m falling for the lies


theres so many places to go

and theres

so many people to meet,

whats the first line

i should through

what if it sounds too robotic & geek,

the people that im around

are way to predictable

and weak,

to all the things

i put behind

have i already hit my peak..

i’m ashamed

of my generation

but i cant help but want to do,

all the things

that they have

had the privilege to do,

i try to be strong

i try

to be true,

but i know anything

thats “tried”

is with the intentions to fail to..

now all of a sudden

im comparing

to some one i want to be,

just staring at a

default pic

of somebody i want to meet,

im thinking

how do i tell our kids

there mom was a myspace freak,

there i go

thinking about the future

and I still haven’t had the nerve to speak..

i gotta bite my lip

and just push

through the vines

sent a friend request

and hope

she doesn’t deny,

i wasn’t sure

what to say

omg to the nervousness of meeting online

what do i got to lose

i don’t have to run into

this person in real life..


theres much fuss when there aint no trust

I can’t stand when a woman ask a man

a mess of questions that she damn well knows that she shouldnt

already knowing the answer before she asks

& yet she still has the nerve to throw a fit & get mad..

maybe it is the mans fault

for not triple checking the pros & cons

before the response comes out of his mouth

it just isn’t fair that so much thinking should be thought out

just to avoid a fight, the couch & a making love world drought…

but oh well I guess, that’s the seems to be the role

that man must face, & counter absorb

battling a cycle that way less right or wrong

and more of a cycle that’s so so menstrual

pushing every button driving the other mental

sleeping with one eye open just to stay on ones toes

this type of time spending is getting hard to afford

monthly audits are so uncalled for…

baby stop, in the name of love

a knife to the throat, isn’t needed for a hug

you get all my twitters, so why do you bug

you know where im at, don’t let paranoia get you drunk

my arms are this (            wide          ), & I love you this (       much     )

 so don’t you ever worry & think, im trying to give up

every thing we built, just to lose all the precious stuff

that takes so much time; arguing & bluffs

(yap yap yap yap yap yap yap yap yap yap yap)

im not trying to act bad, im not trying to act tough

I don’t care if my friends hear; I know yours can never get enough

of trying to listen in; just to fill your head up with fluff

that just causes more problems; making you think all types of stuff

that doesn’t do us any good; so why do you let them fill it up

you know how they are; don’t tell me your that dumb

im not saying you are; im just trying to poke fun

ive seen this episode; and im tired of re-runs….

if you break up to make up; then it better be for the sex

if it’s just cause; then its going to cause stress

its hard to tell mind games; from legit-a-ment  frets

simple checker moves; can get lucky when playing chess

so what do we do; we move with the set

t-i-n-g so we don’t lose the bet

of what we grown accustom to & settled down in

I just hope we don’t get lost in to something that ends when it begins

there’s a definite difference; but most don’t want to see it

I don’t want to curse; waste time; and I also want to be walking in shit

the more that one pushes; the more that it gives reason

to go with the flow; cut losses & believe that it is what it is…

so my hat goes off

to those who love the fight

I love what I love

and at times the troubles seem right

but when too much piles up

one loses appetite

but im sure hunger will grow

by the end of the night

so take a snooze take a cruise

sleep on it; and itll be alright

don’t lose what you have

over being board or spite

faith love and hope

do ya thing-good bye

the same lane

its been


and a day,

since i


seen your face,

the arguments



seem to


with no shame,

keeping us



how can



no pain,

while i

am here


you just


and do your


its gettin


to maintain,

a reason

in which

to pray,

to see you



if were both


in staying


no longer

do we


the roles we

were assigned

in this game,

the thought

of us


just another


  to entertain,

please love



from keeping


presents away,

if you dont

feel the same,

then i guess

i get your


im going



by my



i find

my own


and we

some how

 meet on

the same lane