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A monsters ransom

Doesn’t care,
To Be lost
In iT self…

-with all iTs distractions
Peripheral visions
The heart felt….

+ diluting
All that’s around
Can’t comprehend
The ágape…

+ so iT
Head on
In hopes
iT’s purpose
Properly translates…

– push
To shove,
When the blind
Brush along the walls.

Bursting off the ceiling
There’s nothing left
to stand on…

Shouldn’t be taken,
For that in which
You know not
There of.

The constant passenger,
Continues to love…


The mind sees
What it wants
To see.

Just like
What ever
will be,

Lo que sera
Yo no
Quiero estar
Sin te,

to me
For endlessly,

You’ve joined
The images
into my mind,
Drop kicking
The heart,

I’ve tried to shake it off
Even though
I don’t mind it
being a part,

Of that sphere
But where
can we go
From here,
My dear?
If you continue to
block your heart?
Pushing me
To restart.

I know I’m greedy
For wanting it all.
But can’t you see
I know the burdens?!
And no matter
The fall,

I’m wanting to
As deeply
As need be.

I just
It ain’t too much,
Because I don’t
want to be,

I can’t shake
The thought
Of you,

I have to go
Out of my way
Like an obstacle course,
Just so that I
Can see you.

To make sure
That that’s
really you.

Maybe I should
Pull your hair
As discreetly,
As possible
In our company
To verify
That’s it’s true.

That you live
And you breathe
(Can I pinch
Your lower cheeks?)
Around where
I need to be,
So if that cool….

I’ll see you
When I
See you…

Googly Eyes

-iT started
With a look,
Which proceeded
With a kiss.

-iLove when magnets
iT makes up
For everything missed.

– God is real
And heaven is,
Our souls
interlocked Lips.

– breathing you out
Breathing you in,
With our arms
In a tight grip.

– I don’t want to
Let go,
Just incase this is
Something I’m dreaming.

– I’m always in awe,
When fare Angels
Dance with this

— cut & paste
To the cloud,
Where we float
As we lay.

— Oh how the
Hours draft by,
Us in different positions
Yet we stay.

— heart to heart
Cheek to cheek,
Beat to beat
Face to face.

— sinking deeper
And deeper,
Into each other
Your weight is all my weight.

— new but familiar steps
May god bless,
Every chance
That we take.

— iT’s so perfect
I’m so sure,
The devil
Is on iT’s way.

— Tearing me from
The tears of sweet-bliss,
And the lake
That iT made.

— back to the googly eyes
That are forever sealed,
After a touch of you
Leaves me in my wake.

Oh Won’t You Be My Neighbor

I keep
my self busy
the holy lonely.
I try my best,
Not to
think of you…

The itch
scratches at me
Like it’s my
one & only.
So like
an old habit,
I reach
for you…

The past visits
baring gifts.
Giving me
the feels,
Like I got
nothing better to do….

I sit and I stare
As I
adore you
At work,
You never
Look back.
Making me worry
what I mean
To you…

I look into
The mirror
Reflecting my
a bit deeper,
And no one
can prove
That they’re not true…

So like
A good
Who stitches
& concepts together,
i can’t picture
Any sweater
That’ll fit me
Much better
Than you….

Best Buy

All I want is your hand
Hoping we can feel
Each others pulse.

Hopefully our
Magnets can zing
And you’ll need nothing else.

I haven’t much to give
Other than love,
Some would say its the greatest wealth.

Assuming we’re on
the same currency
I can quit making a fool of myself.

Kindred Spirits

In hopes
That you read,
I’ll allow
For my heart to bleed,
Just to show
That you stir the strongest
of magnets inside of me,
That can’t help but connect
And be in desperate dire need,
Maybe because your so well without
Or because your soul
Calls back to me…

I am ashamed
Of my past
And how they weirdly
Connect to you,
No hidden thing
Will remain a secret
Eventually all
Will see the truth…

I seek for good company
I’ve run all my affiliates away,
A terrorist set on self detonation
Seeking an arc angel to get rid of
All the demons that keep coming back home when they stray…

A heavy burden
No one wants
So I understand
Why most run,
When you push away
I can see why
The slightest of movements
Make those jump,
But I know
Love weighs more
Then the setting
Of the sun,
So my soul
Won’t settle down
Unless you tell me
That your done…

But even then
Will still be
Hard to grasp,
No one knows
For how long
Will stick & last,
Heart beats
Don’t lie
And if they bump
With the touch of my hand,
Then I’d selfishly
Come on
And take a chance…

So Close, but far

Every time I look

At the moon

I see you…

The shine

From the gloom

Makes me wish

I knew more than

Just “Of you”….

Since I don’t

Why pray tell

would I wish I do?

I suppose

It’s the askew view

That I’m forced to endure

Since social media

Keeps us closer than


in person


Staring at the heavens

From the sewers

Seems to be

All I seem I do..