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Sweet As A Diabetics Dream

Sweet & seducing is the honey
That nature pleases to bring. 

The swift and the cunning

Avoid it’s sultry sticky stings. 

Those stoned in its nectar 

Are often caught trespassing. 

Bless iT be the buzz and

The buzzed from the busy bees. 


Mama plz



All that I want
Is to play in the garden 
Of your warmth 
And your love,
Run through the lilies 
Making wishes
Off of the daisies
While Escaping the sun, 
Then once I’m done
And I’ve had me 
My little bit
Of fun,
I can be calm 
In my loneliness
Until my heart & cravings
Can no longer carry 
By the tons.  

5 o’clock cacti

The desert
Is dry,
My thirst
May the dew
From the thighs,
Of the motherland

When my lips
Reach to sip
& my tongue
Is fortified,

I cannot stop
Until nature cums
And our beings

To the just Lord
She crys,
Sweet agony
In her eyes,

My mouth
I open wide,
To reclaim
What is rightfully
My prize.

Our hands

We give
The sky,

Once her

And I listen
To her bosoms
A Morris code

My heart
now on

So this old soul
No longer needs to be

For the flesh
Has had iT’s fill
And I now
Am ready to die….

Googly Eyes

-iT started
With a look,
Which proceeded
With a kiss.

-iLove when magnets
iT makes up
For everything missed.

– God is real
And heaven is,
Our souls
interlocked Lips.

– breathing you out
Breathing you in,
With our arms
In a tight grip.

– I don’t want to
Let go,
Just incase this is
Something I’m dreaming.

– I’m always in awe,
When fare Angels
Dance with this

— cut & paste
To the cloud,
Where we float
As we lay.

— Oh how the
Hours draft by,
Us in different positions
Yet we stay.

— heart to heart
Cheek to cheek,
Beat to beat
Face to face.

— sinking deeper
And deeper,
Into each other
Your weight is all my weight.

— new but familiar steps
May god bless,
Every chance
That we take.

— iT’s so perfect
I’m so sure,
The devil
Is on iT’s way.

— Tearing me from
The tears of sweet-bliss,
And the lake
That iT made.

— back to the googly eyes
That are forever sealed,
After a touch of you
Leaves me in my wake.


She begged,
So I gave.

At first I said no,
But then I caved.

Feeling like God,
When she prayed.

We made.

Would you have my seed?
She said wait.

When upset,
I blame.

Finding fuel,
For the flames.

Because when I want,
I take.

But I held off,
Until she came.

She screamed.
It rained.

I laughed.
She sang.

My fire,
It tamed.

When together,
My heart rocks & swings.

I pace & go insane.

So leave,
Before I enslave.

Unless you want,
That shakil & chain…..

-Just like I give
I want it all.
And all those that don’t know me,
Will see my name.

Winters withdraw

My Shepard
Built me
for abuse,
It turns out
That I was meant
to be used.

So I in turn
Can hurt
With the hopes
That let the blind
In their youth.

Is fragile
At first,
After trust
Mingled with truth.

is & use to be,
With psychological
Ways to soothe.

Jealous me

Where you rest your head,
Is your home.

Over my heart,

Is For you,
you alone.

Where I’d rest mine
I’d never let go.

Not until you shoo me away
Because it’s time for us to go.

Even then
I’d fight
just a little,
Since my understanding
is slow.

The simplicity
Of playfulness
Only knows
That in which shows
the same road.

I know nor want
Anything else,
Ask The Lord
For he knows.

That’s why he’s jealous.
And that’s why
I long for,
Like I hold.

The trinity is brief
So I’m primarily at peace,

In the waves of your love
As the world
sways us
To and fro.

Forsaken & damned
Is how I feel
When separated
& left to roam.

I’m a man
Of the desert
So cry for me not
Welcome the cold.

Just not that of which
I have to go through alone.

Which is ironic
Since that’s the only time
I feel Death fan
Her icy tingly blow.

And that seems
To be
my on going
Open letter & poem.

I suppose.

Until The Lord,
Forgives me
For being
Such an asshole.

Following the sirens
That his word,
Warned me
not to follow.

My jealously
Is the meat,
That sticks to your ribs
& to your bones,

And all that flows
Inside you.
Until I do.
Lastly & forever more.